Figure Drawing Course, Drawing for all

Figure Drawing Course for artists

Figure Drawing Course

What you’ll learn

  • Figure Drawing.
  • Sketches.
  • Freehand Drawing.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 13 lectures • 1hr 42min.

Figure Drawing Course, Drawing for all


  • No skills.
  • Paper and Pencils.

Figure Drawing Course

Would you like to learn drawing easily?  With the figure drawing technique, you can easily draw any subject.  What is a figure drawing?  This is a figure technique when you move your pencil and hand freely on the paper and draw the lines with your feeling.

Your nesting and twisting lines are so much fun.  You do not worry about similarities and proportions at all and you only transfer your feelings on paper.  You can easily draw a deer, a tiger, a dog and even people around you.

Just trust your instincts.  The similarity in this technique is achieved little by little and with practice.  You do not need a lot of expensive tools.  Just a simple pencil and plain paper is enough.  More important than our emotional tools.  So start these basic exercises with me.


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