AWS DynamoDB – Complete Guide 2020 (incl Schema Designing)

From Beginner to Production ready Schemas with Just One Course! All the Latest Features. Python/Node.js used with Lambda

Node.js and Python supports.

What you’ll learn

  • πŸ’š Learn DynamoDB from scratch. A powerful modern server-less NoSQL database..
  • ⚑ Gain an excellent knowledge on DynamoDB schema design..
  • πŸ“˜ Help to transfer your relational database knowledge and experience into DynamoDB..
  • ✨Learn best practices and how to take correct design decisions while designing your architecture or schema..
  • πŸ₯‡ Learn How to reduce your AWS bill for your startup..
  • πŸ† Apply for high-paid jobs or work as a freelancer in one the most-demanded sectors you can find in web dev right now..

Course Content

  • Difference of SQL and NoSQL Databases –> 2 lectures β€’ 6min.
  • Basic concepts of DynamoDB –> 1 lecture β€’ 13min.
  • Accessing DynamoDB(CLI, Web console and NoSQL Workbench) –> 3 lectures β€’ 20min.
  • Things you should know before start modeling DynamoDB schemas –> 6 lectures β€’ 23min.
  • Model an Order processing app using AWS NoSQL Workbench –> 5 lectures β€’ 44min.
  • Build a social media Gaming App –> 8 lectures β€’ 54min.
  • Build a photo sharing app –> 8 lectures β€’ 56min.
  • Useful DynamoDB design patterns. –> 2 lectures β€’ 7min.
  • Implement proper pagination using DynamoDB –> 4 lectures β€’ 30min.
  • Leaderboard – implement using DDB streams –> 3 lectures β€’ 23min.
  • Using CloudFormation templates –> 2 lectures β€’ 12min.
  • DynamoDB Streams and Triggers –> 2 lectures β€’ 17min.
  • Advanced DynamoDB –> 3 lectures β€’ 19min.
  • Backups, Restore and Point In Time Recovery –> 2 lectures β€’ 11min.
  • Security Best Practices for DynamoDB –> 3 lectures β€’ 23min.

AWS DynamoDB - Complete Guide 2020 (incl Schema Designing)


  • πŸ“ SQL knowledge is beneficial but not a must-have..
  • 🏍 You DON’T need to be a NodeJS or Python expert to succeed in this course! I will explain every line I write..
  • πŸ’» Regular internet access for Q&A and community..
  • πŸ’ͺ That’s it… you’re good to go!.

Node.js and Python supports.

I explain the every single line I write in this course. Be a NodeJs developer or be a Python developer, you can complete this course without any issue. A basic knowledge on any programming language is enough you to understand these programming exercises.

State of the art DynamoDB course for 2020

DynamoDB team added many cool features at the 4th quarter of 2019. Some of these concepts are not covered in the old courses you find on internet. Such as NoSQL Workbench tool(will be your favourite) , Adaptive capacity and etc.

5+ Totally different DynamoDB schema explained

You are here to learn DynamoDB properly. Learning DynamoDB is not about learning how to integrate it with N of different services. All the time you do integrations with either REST API of using Triggers. Nothing special there.

Instead try to be a DynamoDB advanced schema designer. After this course you will see the real world relationships in DynamoDB perspective.

No 1000s of student enrollments yet?

The quality of the existing DynamoDB courses on internet is frustrating. They don’t train the developers to think in DynamoDB. I created this course to fill exactly that gap. What I am hearing from my students are truly inspiring.

World need more good DynamoDB experts today than ever. Designing your database carefully will be the key aspect to reducing your AWS bill.

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