Basics of C# – Crash Course Tutorial

Learning C sharp quickly

C# is pronounced “C-Sharp”.

What you’ll learn

  • This course will start from very basics of C#.
  • We will practically demonstrate topics.
  • Its a crash course to get started.
  • This will let you practically implement concepts.

Course Content

  • C# Crash Course Tutorial –> 13 lectures • 1hr 17min.

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  • C, CPP.

C# is pronounced “C-Sharp”.

It is an object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft that runs on the .NET Framework.

C# has roots from the C family, and the language is close to other popular languages like C++ and Java.

The first version was released in year 2002. The latest version, C# 8, was released in September 2019.


I am a 10+ years of experienced Full stack developer and have huge experience on working all frameworks of Dot Net using C#. I am a Microsoft certified Developer and presenting you this crash course on c# if you wish to quick learn the concepts of C# in a much faster and quicker and quality way.


This tutorial will teach you the basics of C# in a much faster way and practically demonstrating the concepts as we go on through each topics one by one.


We will start with the very basic introduction and datatypes and will go to few advanced concepts too and in a much more quicker way of learning . We will also tell you the important topics behind loops and statements.


After the course you can start coding in C# assuming you already know CPP and basic of C Language

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