Become a Blockchain Developer – Job training – Beginners

For jobseekers and career change aspirants – including AI and Career Guidance Modules – Learn from Industry Leaders

Welcome to ‘Blockchain Developer – Job training’, a first-of-its kind short program designed for jobseekers and career change aspirants.

What you’ll learn

  • Blockchain vs Cryptocurrencies.
  • The Bitcoin Story.
  • The Ethereum Story.
  • How Blockchain Works.
  • Bitcoin Mining aka Proof-of-Work (PoW).
  • Proof-Of-Stake (PoS).
  • Smart Contracts.
  • Advantages of Smart Contracts.
  • The Blockchain Stack.
  • Intro to Solidity.
  • Blockchain Ecosystems.
  • Decentralised Finance (DeFi).
  • PFP & ART (NFTs).
  • Web3 Gaming (Play2Earn).
  • Solidity Deep Dive.
  • Ethereum Contract Standards.
  • Smart Contract Audit tools.
  • General Smart Contract Review Approach.
  • Securing Contract Variables.
  • Securing Contract Structs.
  • Securing Contract Functions.
  • Securing Contract Modifiers.
  • Securing Contract Events.
  • Writing Overall Secure Code.
  • Securing External Calls.
  • Securing Overall Contract.
  • Securing Overall Project.
  • Web2 App Architecture.
  • Web3 DApp Architecture.
  • Creating a functional DApp.
  • Frontend for DApp.
  • Connecting smart contracts.
  • End-to-end testing.

Course Content

  • GATE Network –> 2 lectures • 1min.
  • Introduction –> 6 lectures • 7hr 15min.
  • GATE Bootcamps –> 2 lectures • 3min.
  • Career guidance –> 2 lectures • 49min.
  • AI module –> 2 lectures • 2hr.

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Welcome to ‘Blockchain Developer – Job training‘, a first-of-its kind short program designed for jobseekers and career change aspirants.

This course is specifically created as a JOB-BASED TRAINING  program thereby teaching concepts hands-on and relevant to real-work environment. If you are looking for a job in Blockchain or if you are a student who would like to get first experience in this domain, this course is exactly for you.


How is this program a JOB-BASED TRAINING and how will it equip you with skills relevant for your role:

What companies ask for a Blockchain Developer role?

  • Design, implement, and test smart contracts on blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, Polygon, or others.
  • Ensure the security, efficiency, and proper functionality of smart contracts.
  • Understand and implement different consensus algorithms, such as Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS).Develop and maintain distributed ledger technology, ensuring data integrity and immutability.
  • Implement security best practices for blockchain applications, including cryptographic techniques.
  • Work with various blockchain frameworks and libraries to streamline development processes.


How this course meets the requirements?

  • Learn Solidity smart contract language step-by-step
  • Get knowledge on best practises to audit your smart contracts
  • Learn about popular consensus models – PoW and PoS
  • Write smart contracts to create unstoppable blockchain applications
  • Understand industry standard best practises on writing your smart contracts
  • Learn and work with industry standard libraries to connect to blockchain

Tools you will learn:

  1. Hardhat
  2. Remix Slither
  3. Manticore
  4. React.js
  5. Web3.js
  6. Ethers.js
  7. VSCode
  8. Alchemy
  9. Metamask
  10. Solidity
  11. Github
  12. NFT
  13. ERC20

Extra Module and Benefits:

1. AI Fundamentals and Applications:

Unlock exclusive access to one of our AI modules Learn from our experts leveraging AI to enhance your productivity and understand the wide variety of applications of AI across industries

2. Career Guidance

Understand how to effectively search for a job, find startups, craft a compelling CV and Cover Letter, types of job platforms and many more!



Manan Patel – Germany

Founder of a blockchain startups in Germany, advisor for various Blockchain startups across the world and an accomplished IT professional with over 13 years of extensive experience in IT development and consulting across diverse sectors including mobility, energy, finance, and telecom. Manan has a proven track record of delivering exceptional products and services to Fortune 100 enterprises such as Vodafone, General Electric, Cisco, Porsche, Deutsche Boerse, and Tata. A visionary leader with a strong background in the blockchain and crypto industry, contributing to the success of Ocean Protocol and currently driving the growth of decentralization and the data economy as the founder of Desights AI.


Aravinth Palaniswamy – Germany

Founder of 2 startups in Germany and India, Technology Consultant, and Chief Product & Growth Officer of Moyyn, and has 10+ years of experience in Venture Building, Product and Growth Marketing.

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