Building Production-Ready Apps with Prisma Client for NodeJs

Master Prisma for Node.js – From Concept to Deployment

Course Description (200+ words):

What you’ll learn

  • Prisma ORM and Prisma Client.
  • NodeJs with Typescript using Express Js.
  • MySql Orm.
  • Production ready app with Typescript, NodeJs, PrismaClient.
  • Deployment of production app on AWS.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 6 lectures • 24min.
  • CRUD Operations in Prisma –> 5 lectures • 26min.
  • Relations in Prisma –> 13 lectures • 1hr 2min.
  • Advanced concepts in Prisma –> 9 lectures • 40min.
  • Project –> 34 lectures • 3hr 35min.
  • Deployment on AWS –> 13 lectures • 38min.

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Course Description (200+ words):

“Building Production-Ready Applications with Prisma Client for Node.js” is a comprehensive and hands-on course designed to empower developers with the skills and knowledge needed to create high-performance, scalable, and production-ready applications using Prisma Client in the Node.js environment.

In today’s fast-paced development landscape, it’s crucial to stay at the forefront of technology, and this course offers precisely that. With six comprehensive modules, we cover a wide array of topics to ensure you are well-equipped to tackle real-world application development.

We begin with a foundational module where you’ll receive a thorough introduction to Prisma and set up a Node.js Express application, creating the ideal environment for your Prisma journey. Following this, you’ll dive into the world of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations with Prisma, a fundamental skill for any database-driven application.

Our course goes beyond the basics, delving deep into SQL relationships, allowing you to create and manage data models and their connections effectively. As you advance through the modules, you’ll explore advanced concepts and techniques, such as data validation, pagination, transactions, and even crafting raw SQL queries for intricate data operations. These skills will set you apart as a versatile developer capable of handling complex real-world scenarios.

The fifth module is where you put your knowledge into practice, building a production-ready application with Node.js and TypeScript, incorporating Prisma for database interaction. You’ll learn how to structure your project and apply Prisma concepts, ensuring the final product adheres to industry standards.

In the bonus module, you’ll discover the vital skill of deploying your application to AWS, a key aspect of bringing your projects to life. You’ll explore AWS services like Route53 for domain management, EC2 for application hosting, RDS for your database, and Load Balancers to ensure high availability.

This course is suitable for both beginners looking to build a strong foundation in modern application development and experienced developers seeking to enhance their skills. Upon completion, you will be equipped to create robust, efficient, and industry-standard applications, and take them from development to production, serving users on the web with confidence. Dive into Prisma and elevate your Node.js development to new heights with us.