Business Reports with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Learn how to build reports from scratch using Micrsoft SQL Reporting Services (SSRS)

Class Overview

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to design and deploy business reports for personal use or for work.
  • Get started with the basics of SQL Server Reporting Services.
  • Learn the basics of SQL Server installation and SQL Management Studio.
  • Build subscriptions to a Report for Automatic Delivery to E-Mail recipients.
  • Adding Graphs/Charts to your report.
  • Publishing Your Report to the SSRS Server.

Course Content

  • Getting Started –> 2 lectures • 4min.
  • Installing The Tools You Need –> 6 lectures • 29min.
  • Creating Your First SSRS Report –> 4 lectures • 18min.
  • Styling Your SSRS Reports –> 3 lectures • 16min.
  • Introductions To Expressions & Parameters –> 5 lectures • 35min.
  • Advanced SSRS Features –> 3 lectures • 24min.
  • Deploying & Publishing Your Reports –> 2 lectures • 18min.

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Class Overview

Learn how to design and deploy business reports for personal use or for work. In this course, you will get started with the basics of SQL Server Reporting Services – everything from installation to creating your first report. I also include some basic SQL Server installation and SQL Management Studio to provide a complete beginner’s guide to SSRS.

What You Will Learn

  1. installing SQL Server 2019
  2. Installing SQL Server Management Studio
  3. Download And Setup Adventure Works Database
  4. Download And Install SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  5. Introduction To The SSRS Portal
  6. Download And Install Report Builder
  7. Creating A Datasource & Shared Datasource
  8. Creating Your First Dataset
  9. Creating Your First SSRS Report
  10. Designing The Report – Header & Footer
  11. Creating And Formatting A Report Table View
  12. Introduction To Expressions
  13. Introduction To Parameters
  14. Working With Dropdown Parameters
  15. Creating Linked Or Dependent/Cascading Dropdown Parameters
  16. Adding Images To Your SSRS Report
  17. Grouping, Serials & Totals In SSRS
  18. Adding Graphs/Charts To Your Report
  19. Publishing Your Report To The SSRS Server
  20. Subscribing To A Report For Automatic Delivery – To A File Folder
  21. Subscribing To A Report For Automatic Delivery – To E-Mail Recipients

Who Should Take This Class

In this day and age, automation of routine tasks is key. It is possible to create a business report, deploy it and automatically schedule it to be delivered to your intended recipients with a one-time setup. If you are a beginner who is interested in becoming a data analyst or database/backend developer then this course if for you.

If you are already a developer who needs to now include business reporting as part of your solution, then this class will get you started and building your first report in a matter of minutes.

Who This Course Is For

This is course is great for you if you want to get started with Data Analytics as some of the concepts taught here will be useful in more advanced data analytics courses.

If you work with colleagues that require reports sent to them on a regular schedule (e.g. 9am each morning) You can automate this task and have your reports delivered without a need to think about it. This course is also for you if you work with data and are expected to quickly produce analysis and insight into different datasets as part of a larger team or on a project.


All you need to get started is your personal computer and good internet connectivity to download the required software for this course.

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