C# Beginner Kingdom: Learn coding by Games +useful Mechanics

The complete Beginner course explained by Game Mechanics and Examples out of famous and beloved Games!

Welcome to the C# Beginner: Learn to code by Game Mechanics and Examples!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to install VSCode and the .NET SDK (coding environment) on your Operating System.
  • Learn Software Development with CSharp / C# by Game Mechanics and Examples.
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming (OOP).
  • Learn how to make your own first console game (Guess the card I’ve drawn).
  • Download and Install Coding environment.
  • C# Keywords.
  • Selection Instructions (If-Statement, Switch case).
  • Loops Preview (For-Loop, While Loop, Do While Loop).
  • Jumping Instructions (Return, break, continue, GOTO).
  • Data Types & Variables.
  • Classes.
  • Functions.
  • Operators & Access Modifiers.
  • Statics.
  • Code your first own Game as a Graduation Exercise!.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 3min.
  • Bootcamp – Prerequisites –> 2 lectures • 9min.
  • Play first learn later – First simple game in C# –> 1 lecture • 14min.
  • The Castle of C# – Programming Overview –> 1 lecture • 8min.
  • Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy – Programming Basics in C# – Selection Instructions –> 22 lectures • 2hr 26min.
  • Your first own game in C# – Graduation Exercise –> 4 lectures • 29min.
  • Thank you & get more! **..egg** –> 1 lecture • 2min.

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  • Humor.
  • Fantasy.

Welcome to the C# Beginner: Learn to code by Game Mechanics and Examples!

I will take you on my learning journey through the glorious Kingdom of C#. We are going to explore the lands by creating very well-known game mechanics out of our favorite games such as Counter-Strike GO, World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto, Diablo, Age of Empires 2, and many more of our favorite games.

We create mechanics such as life points, looting, healing potions & items, and many more.

We start our Journey at the Bootcamp where we get to know how to install Visual Studio Code and the necessities of .Net SDK (Software Development Kit), head straight into our first fight, wander to the Castle of C#, looting the entire treasury, and climb the Mountain of Success to successfully place our flag at the top of it!

Finally, we play a game with the mind-reader Gandolon! This includes also a graduation exercise with a quiz!

Topics related inside:

  • Download and Install Coding environment
  • Overview of C# Language
  • C# Keywords
  • Selection Instructions (If-Statement, Switch case)
  • Loops Preview (For-Loop, While Loop, Do While Loop)
  • Jumping Instructions (Return, break, continue, GOTO)
  • Data Types & Variables
  • Classes
  • Functions
  • Operators
  • Operators 2 & Access Modifiers
  • If-Statements 2.0
  • Switch Case 2.0
  • ForLoops 2.0
  • While Loops 2.0
  • Do-While Loops 2.0
  • Statics
  • Code your first own Game as a Graduation Exercise!
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