Chart Js with MySQL Database Data

Create charts in Chart Js ChartJS with MySQL Database Data

How to create charts in Chart Js with MySQL Database Data?

What you’ll learn

  • Understand how to create a chart in ChartJS with MySQL Database Data.
  • Create all kind of charts in ChartJS with MySQL Database Data.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 4 lectures • 7min.
  • ChartJS MySQL Database Date: Simple Structure [Beginners] –> 8 lectures • 32min.
  • ChartJS MySQL Database Date: Exploring SQL Commands and DB tables [Intermediate] –> 5 lectures • 15min.
  • ChartJS MySQL Database Date: Let’s Make a Dashboard [Intermediate] [Part 1] –> 16 lectures • 1hr 3min.
  • ChartJS MySQL Database Date: Let’s Make a Dashboard [Intermediate] [Part 2] –> 8 lectures • 29min.
  • ChartJS MySQL Database Date: Let’s Make a Dashboard [Intermediate] [Part 3] –> 12 lectures • 43min.

Chart Js with MySQL Database Data


  • Have basic foundation of HTML.
  • Have basic foundation of CSS | (Bootstrap not essential).
  • Have a basic foundation of JavaScript.
  • Have a basic foundation of MYSQL & PHP.
  • Understands how to create charts in ChartJS | Chart JS.

How to create charts in Chart Js with MySQL Database Data?

This is truly a topic that I really love. Perhaps you are just like me that in the very beginning you do not know how to do this. I`ve been there and eventually I decided to truly learn this wonderful skill. It took a really long time because this topic is not commonly discussed and secondly the skills are what you can call multi disciplinair. This means that you are not only dependent on one single programming language.

You need to know a bunch of them all together and combine it in a way that is really challenging. However, one thing I still remember and this is what truly makes know thing this wonderful. It was the feeling of being able to do this, and making charts and dashboards in a way I always dreamed of.

This course is a challenge, however, I describe it all in detail. It is in bite sizes and very easily done. If you follow you will get results and be able to do it yourself. However, do not neglect what you learn here. It took me truly months to understand all of these items and put them together as I did.

This course is deeper then you would expect.

Since the topic is far more expensive then you could imagine you will notice that I will discuss it from every angle I possible can imagine. Ever heard of a planned and unplanned database? Well, so many options are possible and this creates a real challenge.

Your database might not be build for Charts but you are not able to change it and must work with what you`ve got. I get it and this is also what I learned to do. You might have a different structure and want to combine it all together in a database. Well, I understand this as well.

When I created this course I focused on the database connection but in reality that is just the tip of the iceberg. The connection is one part, having the right database structure is the second, and making it dynamic is a completely different level. I`m talking about AJAX and JS functions (if you are experienced) you will know what I’m referring to.  And of course knowing how to connect everything with the updating function of Chart JS. Well be ready!

Items in this course will be sometimes repetitive. I really did this on purpose because this is how I learned this well. If you create 10 different charts with all kind of connection structure you will be really good. Because the experience you gain from doing this is really worth it. After that you basically could dream it. Although the challenge of this is really different every single time.

ChartJS is really fascinating and somehow I truly love to see how those charts come to life and start to tell a story with numbers. I sincerely hope you enjoy this course as well. One of the things that always give me a spark of joy is seeing a chart in action the moment it is connected. It might sound weird but seeing your chart change by a click of a button or connected with a database is very similar to seeing seed becoming a plant. It is fascinating how it can grow. Not because of the growth but once you know this, you see yourself growing and all the new possibilities you can do with a chart.

I hope I can transfer some passion charts into you and I sincerely hope it gives your the inspiration to truly take this course. Not for me,… but for yourself. See how your new gained intelligence will make your skills bloom even further then you can imagine. I ask you to try it to explore how far you can blossom!