Learn HTML5 & CSS3 from Scratch and Code with Visual Studio


This course is all about learning HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn HTML and CSS from scratch.
  • Get introduction to HTML.
  • Learn about key role of frontend developer.
  • Study Evolution of HTML5.
  • Print basic webpage using HTML5.
  • Work with Visual Studio Codes.
  • Learn about CSS.
  • Cover role of CSS3 in HTML5.
  • Learn how to code with advance CSS3 techniques.
  • Complete your experience by creating a real world website.

Course Content

  • INTRODUCTION –> 2 lectures • 9min.
  • ELEMENTS OF FRONTEND DESIGNING –> 3 lectures • 9min.
  • SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT –> 1 lecture • 14min.
  • INTRODUCTION TO HTML –> 4 lectures • 15min.
  • HTML FOUNDATION –> 8 lectures • 1hr 6min.
  • INTRODUCTION TO HTML5 –> 4 lectures • 14min.
  • FIRST WEBPAGE –> 1 lecture • 3min.
  • INTRODUCTION TO CSS –> 6 lectures • 27min.
  • ADVANCE CSS3 TECHNIQUES –> 24 lectures • 3hr 45min.
  • FLEX BOX –> 3 lectures • 11min.

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  • No coding experience needed . You will learn everything you need to know.
  • You will get opportunity to cover web designing’s building block from scratch.

This course is all about learning HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch.


Your Journey in this course will start from , basic introduction of websites, introduction to frontend developers and there role while creating websites .Anyone who is interested in designing and creating frontend of a website or some one who want’s to be full stack developer and looking to cover frontend part precisely and subscribe to this course , it is life time accessible.


Main objectives of this course


  1. Learn HTML and CSS from scratch
  2. Get introduction to HTML
  3. Learn about key role of frontend developer
  4. Study Evolution of HTML5
  5. Print basic webpage using HTML5
  6. Work with Visual Studio Codes
  7. Learn about CSS
  8. Cover  role of CSS3 in HTML5
  9. Learn how to code  with advance CSS3 techniques
  10. Complete your experience by creating a real world website.

Coding with consistency can make you a perfect programmer hence to make this possible certain additional sources have been provided with his course . Every lecture with coding part has been covered with visual studios codes where your will see how to code in Visual Studio Codes.

Apart from this you will get Assignments to practice and to track your progress.

AIM : After completing this course you would be able to publish real world website for yourself or for any industry and organization



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