Magento 2 Admin Tutorial

Management of Magento E-Commerce Platform

Magento is a reliable open source e-commerce software and platforms that offers a full-featured website with little effort, used by over 250,000 stores.

What you’ll learn

  • You will be able to set up your own E-Commerce site easily and quickly..
  • You will be able to quickly make your products ready for sale on an advanced platform..
  • With Magento’s many theme and plugin options, you will be able to add the design you want and the features you want to your site..
  • You will be able to make campaign discounts on your products by using the campaign features of Magento..
  • You will be able to sell your products to the country you want, in the currencies you want, with the language options you want..

Course Content

  • Giriş –> 7 lectures • 1hr 10min.
  • Product Management –> 10 lectures • 1hr 17min.
  • Campaigns –> 1 lecture • 15min.
  • SEO and Site Search Settings –> 3 lectures • 14min.
  • Shipping Methods –> 4 lectures • 28min.

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  • Computer.

Magento is a reliable open source e-commerce software and platforms that offers a full-featured website with little effort, used by over 250,000 stores.

The easiest and fastest way to create an E-Commerce Site. You can create and manage your e-commerce sites very easily and in a short time by taking Magento Training. You will learn the basics of Magento site setup, create and manage your own e-commerce site, provide security settings, and install SEO plugins. You will master the site strategies that will be on the first pages of search engines, make updates, install add-ons, and increase your advertising and promotion revenues by making use of social media tools.


Content of our lesson:



  • Selecting and Controlling Information to Share across Multiple Online Stores from a Single Admin Area
  • User authorization/permission
  • Ready API for integration with 3rd party software
  • Custom website design and design support
  • Customer group management
  • Creating custom pages with a Ready Content Management System (CMS)
  • A/B testing with Google Website Optimizer integration



  • One-page payment feature
  • Multi-page payment feature (optional)
  • Getting paid by credit card
  • Other payment services: Amazon Payments, PayPal, and Google Checkout
  • SSL support (must be purchased separately)
  • Tax and shipping amount calculation
  • Account creation at checkout
  • Buying without a member
  • Gift message
  • Cart registration
  • Multiple shipping address management
  • Order tracking
  • country management
  • Order-wide or product-wide shipping pricing
  • Free shipping feature
  • Ability to calculate the cargo amount according to the weight of the product and the place to be sent



  • Specially developed design for search engine optimization
  • Automatic Google sitemaps
  • Search engine friendly URL
  • Defining META information specific to products and categories
  • Automatically generated ‘MOST SEARCHED’ page



  • Order status/history
  • Repeat order from your account
  • Recently purchased products
  • Unlimited address support
  • Default shipping/billing address
  • Wish list
  • Wish list email
  • E-Newsletter subscription management
  • Product reviews
  • Product labeling



  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Admin reports
  • Sales reports, return reports
  • Tax reports
  • Order reports
  • Most viewed products
  • Best selling products
  • Out of stock products
  • Searched words on the site
  • Product reviews
  • Label reports
  • Coupon usage reports



  • Determine minimum/maximum purchase
  • Bulk add/remove products
  • Bulk update products from the administration panel
  • Google Base Integration
  • Support for simple, adjustable (e.g. size, colour, etc.), combined and group products
  • Virtual goods
  • Downloads/digital products
  • Personalized products – text, photos, etc. from customers. receive
  • Tax rates by location, customer, product group
  • Feature sets for different product lines
  • Creating a store with feature sets
  • Automatic image resizing and watermark
  • Advanced pricing rules and Special pricing module
  • Search Results
  • Accept/delete/add product tags
  • Accept/delete/add product reviews
  • Notify customers that products are out of stock with an RSS feed
  • Customer specific products – image upload
  • Customer specifics – choosing a date
  • Sorting products by category (by price, color, etc.)



  • Creating a Survey
  • E-Newsletter creation
  • Landing Page creation tools
  • Catalog pricing rules
  • Coupon codes specific to individuals or customer groups
  • Free shipping module
  • Bulk purchase discount module
  • Pricing specific to customer group
  • Recently viewed products
  • New promotional items tool
  • Product/under-cart products that will increase cross-selling
  • Share the wish list with others



  • View/edit order from admin panel
  • Generate one or more invoices/shipments for each order
  • Invoice and shipping printing
  • Order creation via the call center − Creating new customers, editing customers
  • Customer repeat order
  • Email notification for orders



  • Multiple photos specific to the product
  • Product photo zoom-in feature
  • Product reviews
  • Similar products
  • Stock management
  • Bulk purchase support
  • Product feature selection
  • Bulk product listing
  • Add to wish list
  • Email to friend feature



  • Contact us form
  • Advanced feature client account
  • Order status and history
  • Cargo tracking
  • Password reset
  • Update account information
  • Creating an order for the customer from the administration panel



  • Filterable category product list pages
  • Filterable search results pages
  • Flat listing for large catalogs
  • Specialized category page designs with the static block tool
  • Special design for each category/product page
  • Autofill
  • Recently viewed products
  • Product comparison
  • Last compared products
  • Related products
  • Popular search words cloud
  • Filter by product tags
  • Product review
  • Product listing in Grid/List mode
  • Breadcrumbs
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