Make your Dream Unity Digging Game Today with this Technique

Create a Quick & Easy Marching Squares Algorithm for any 2D Digging Game from Scratch!

You !

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how to create Objects from Code.
  • Learn how to use the Marching Squares Algorithm.
  • Learn how to Manage & Manipulate Scalar Fields.
  • Learn how to use Gizmos to Display Data.
  • Learn how to Decouple your Code Effectively.
  • Learn how to Create Structures to Enhance your Code.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 16 lectures • 2hr 24min.

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You !

Yeah, you!


You want to be a Better Developer right ?

You want to give more Creativity to your players, allow them to Shape & Carve Worlds ?

You want to be a bit Faster at creating worlds ?


Then this course is for You!


Astroneer, No Man’s Sky & Minecraft use Procedural Mesh Generation to create worlds.

Mobile games such as Sand Balls, Alto’s Adventure & Castle Raid are hit games, and also use the Marching Squares Algorithm to shape their levels & give more creativity to the player.


The potential behind these algorithms is Huge & is a big Time saver for developers like you.

This is why I decided to craft this course, so that you too, can learn how to create your own version of the Marching Squares Algorithm.


Together, we will do it Step-By-Step.


  • We will first learn how to Create a Procedural Mesh in Unity. You will understand the concepts of Vertices, Triangles and how to master them.
  • After making a simple Square, we will add a bit more points to our Mesh and make a One Square Version of the Marching Squares Algorithm. This will allow you to fully master the concept.
  • After Mastering the Square, we will create a simple Scalar Field (which is a fancy term for saying a field of values (I also explain in simple terms don’t worry, I hear you)).
  • We will be able to Display the Field of Values using Unity’s Gizmos system ( You might use that in almost any of your game to Debug stuff )
  • And finally, we will Merge our two systems [ The Scalar Field – The Marching Squares ] to be able to create a Fun 2D Digging System.


Time is precious, that’s why I decided to cover the aspects of this course in Under 3 Hours. You will be able to implement the system (and maybe make a quick 2D game if you’re hyped !) in less than a day.


If you ever need help, leave a comment and I’ll help asap ;).

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