Performance Testing using TruWeb

a brand new protocol from Micro Focus LoadRunner

****** TruWeb protocol has been renamed to `DevWeb` by Micro Focus. ******

What you’ll learn

  • What is TruWeb?.
  • DevWeb Protocol.
  • TruWeb Environment Setup.
  • Recording in TruWeb.
  • Generate TruWeb Scripts.
  • Filter Traffic in TruWeb.
  • TruWeb Script Enhancements.
  • Data Encryption.
  • TruWeb Script Execution.
  • Debugging and Error Handling.
  • Automatic Correlation using Rules.
  • Correlation Rule Converter.
  • Version Controlling TruWeb Scripts using GitHub.
  • Using npm in TruWeb.
  • TruWeb Load Testing.
  • TruWeb Best Practices.
  • Mini Project.
  • Result Analysis.
  • LoadRunner Developer.
  • Grafana Integration.
  • Jenkins Integration.

Course Content

  • Getting Ready –> 16 lectures • 1hr 44min.
  • Ramp Up –> 25 lectures • 2hr 54min.
  • Steady State –> 2 lectures • 10min.
  • Ramp Down –> 2 lectures • 12min.
  • Rebooting DevWeb –> 14 lectures • 1hr 23min.
  • LoadRunner Professional 2020 Service Pack 3 –> 1 lecture • 3min.
  • LoadRunner Professional 2021 –> 9 lectures • 45min.

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****** TruWeb protocol has been renamed to `DevWeb` by Micro Focus. ******

****** Course has been updated with LoadRunner Professional 2021 ******

****** Added Docker Containers for DevWeb tutorials ******

  • Great course if you want to start with TruWeb. Takes you from the basics of installation and setting up your environment to advanced topics like extractors. – Boris Kozorovitzky – Architect of TruWeb
  • One and Only Course on Micro Focus LoadRunner 2021 DevWeb Protocol
  • 60+ Lectures


Micro Focus announced its newer protocol called TruWeb in LoadRunner 12.60. TruWeb has a lot of potential in future performance testing arena. It is scalable, light weight, and cross-platform compatible. You can run TruWeb script in Windows, Mac and Linux and using almost any editors such as Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, Virtual User Generator etcetera. Also, you can execute TruWeb scripts in Performance Center as well. It is free to use (at this time of writing).

By learning this course `Performance Testing using TruWeb`, you are ready to impress your project manager, VP, even CTO by proposing this solution as a part of your organization performance test practices.

Also, you will be adding `TruWeb` protocol in your resume to make it stronger and stand unique in the crowd.

Even if you do not have any prior knowledge about Micro Focus tools or performance testing, I tried to explain the concepts in laymen terms.

I divided the course into four sections:

  1. Getting Started.
  2. Ramp up.
  3. Steady State.
  4. Ramp down.

Course starts with very basics and fundamentals about TruWeb called `Getting Ready`. Then, you will learn all the importance concepts in TruWeb which will be especially useful to design your test scripts in `Ramp Up` section.

In `Steady State` section, you will be comfortable in executing load testing using TruWeb in your local system. Higher the power, higher the load injection.

In `Ramp Down` section, you will learn the best practices, results analysis and there is a mini project script I have attached for your learning purpose.

I urge you to practice the scripting by referring the scripts that I have attached. Unless you practice your JavaScript, it is tougher to learn and implement TruWeb for your projects.

Good luck!

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