Project Designing in Java

Learn to design an independent projects in java

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to interact with the project model.
  • Learn to design an independent project in Java.
  • Designing an interface.
  • Concepts will be revised.
  • Project Experience.

Course Content

  • Basics of Java –> 2 lectures • 1min.
  • Start with Code –> 19 lectures • 6hr 42min.

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This is an amazing course for beginner’s.


You will be able to design an independent projects after this course in Java.



1. Working in Java – Under this head you will be getting a short description about working of java .


2. Writing a first code in java with BlueJ – In second phase your programming skills will be taken under consideration.


3. Data types and variable creation in Java –  Data type and var creation will be implemented using BlueJ


4. Input in Java- Input the val into the variables will be implemented in BlueJ


5. Conversion of Data types- Data Conversion of both the types will be explained with a practical session.


6. If statement in Java – All possible   Conditions will be taken during sessions


7. Switch case in java – Switching on int and char will be explained.


8. Loops and its types – Loops of all different types will be explained


9. Pattern and Series with Loops – Nested loops with patterns will be explained


10. Code Execution- Code with Examples and practical sessions


11. Functions with its types with Nested Functions – Function + Nested Function + Function Overloading


12. Arrays with its types – 1D and 2D Arrays


13. Math class functions – Math functions with all examples


14. String operations – String and its functions


15. Constructors and its types – Constructor with all its types.


16. Interaction with multiple programmes


17. Inheritance


18. Interfaces – Creation of Interfaces and use in java.


19. Independent Project Designing Module



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