Python – Selenium Web Driver from scratch + trading project

Learn Basic Python language, Image recognition, Selenium Web driver, opencv2,mysql,Postgresql,googleauth frameworks

Basic Python Language features explained from the beginning

What you’ll learn

  • Selenium Web testing learners.
  • Beginner and advanced Python learners.
  • People that want to automate boring tasks on web applications.
  • People that want to dive into web scraping.
  • People that want to create the own trading strategy without paying thousands of dollars fees to trading – crypto platforms.
  • Improve the own crypto – stock investment strategy by studying old data trends.
  • Make automatically the login in a crypto platform and invest immediately for the crypto without make the login by hands.
  • People that want to learn how image recognition works.
  • People that want to create professional trading crypto alerts.
  • People that want to create professional items pricing alerts.
  • People that want to create professional stock alerts.
  • Create and mantain a mySql Db.
  • Create , edit and mantain a remote Postgres Db, check when you overload the max allowed capacity and cancel eventually some rows.
  • Override the check of the image check puzzle window by moving the slider, with the package opencv2.
  • Override an email verification check window by checking the content of your email inbox and look for the current verification code.
  • Deploy a python application to a remote server through GitHub.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 5min.
  • introduction to the python language – installation of the relevant packages –> 12 lectures • 1hr 16min.
  • Classes and objects concepts –> 4 lectures • 32min.
  • Python – Selenium Crypto alert project developing – Local Host –> 31 lectures • 3hr 26min.
  • Python – Selenium Crypto alert project developing – Remote Host –> 14 lectures • 1hr 14min.
  • Source code and relevant resources to write python code –> 3 lectures • 1min.
  • Typical Python – Selenium interview questions from recruiters –> 3 lectures • 19min.
  • Final challenge for you – greetings –> 1 lecture • 5min.

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  • No prior programming experience is required, I will teach you everything from the beginning.
  • Basic Python Language features explained from the beginning
  • OOP Concepts – Classes and objects explained with real life examples
  • Selenium WebDriver framework explained in detail:
    • Fill the input fields out
    • ActionChains to move a slider
    • More Web element detections strategies for a better web scraping strategy
    • Explicit WebWait strategy to wait for the Web elements without losing performances
  • MySQl – Postgres db interaction:
    • all queries needed for the project explained in detail
    • cancellation of the oldest rows in case the remote db is full
  • OpenCV2 for detailed image pixel analysis:
    • Filter out the relevant pixels of a given image
    • Detect the edges and the x-y coordinates of the edges
    • Detect the distance between two edges to shift a slider of the correct amount
    • Numpy arrays management
  • Python App development on Heroku Remote Host Provider:
    • Installation of the relevant packages to make the Linux remote host running properly
    • Deployment of the Python App directly from GitHub environment
    • Take a screenshot on the remote host machine to analyze in real time the flow of the applications , save that screenshot to a cloud provider


  • Build a Real crypto alert python application to scrape crypto – stocks market:
    • Get in real time the all crypto – value pairs
    • Store those values in a database (MySQl,Postgres)
    • Pull all the values in the past
    • Decide , for each crypto wheter it’s the moment to invest or not according to a complete customable strategy
    • Send the crypto alert notification on a Telegram Account
    • Trade automatically a crypto without human intervention:
      • login to Pionex
        • by ovverriding the puzzle shifting authorization check window
        • by overriding the email verification code window (Google Restful APIs)
      • click the crypto for which the algorithm decides to invest
      • invest money on that crypto with 0.05% fees !


  • Typical recruiters questions to apply to python and web testing positions


  • Final developing challenge for you
  • Entire source code is provided
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