Secure Software Implemementation Series Secure Course 4 of 8

Understand the critical aspects of secure software design and implementation.

Course Overview

What you’ll learn

  • Determine how to specify the proper software architecture to meet your software security requirements.
  • Identify the correct software Implementation requirements needed for a secure software program.
  • What are the critical aspects of secure development.
  • Anyone preparing for the (ISC)² Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP) exam would benefit as well.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 12 lectures • 1hr 6min.

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Course Overview

In this course series we cover what secure software design means and why software can meet all quality requirements and still be insecure.

Please note that this course is providing introductory concepts for beginners and is NOT a programming course or has any hands on.

This course specifically, Secure Software Implementation is meant to provide learners a foundational start in software design that is focused around software security, SDLC and IT Security Fundamentals.

The course covers important aspects around Secure Software Implementation, Common Software Vulnerabilities and Security Controls

The course continues on to cover Implementing Security Controls and Securing Build Systems to name a few lessons.

The course provides some review questions and summary review.

Lastly,  the 8 course series covers about 65% or more of the exam objectives for the CSSLP exam when completing all eight courses!

There are many benefits of designing security early with your software builds which we cover in this course.


This is a series of courses for learning about “Secure Software Development Fundamentals”


  • Course 1 – Secure Software Concepts
  • Course 2 – Secure Software Requirements
  • Course 3 – Secure Software Design
  • Course 4 – Defining Security Architectures
  • Course 5 – Secure Software Testing
  • Course 6 – Secure Software Acceptance
  • Course 7 – Software Deployment, Operations and Maintenance
  • Course 8 – Supply Chain and Software Acquisition


Who should take this course (Target Audience)?

  • You are a developer or software engineer and want to understand
  • You want to learn IT security fundamentals focused on software development

What are the Couse Pre Requirements?

There are no course pre-requirement

What You’ll Learn

  • What are the critical aspects of secure development
  • What is the CIA Triad, AAA and other security fundamentals
  • Identify the correct software build requirements needed for a secure software program
  • Determine how to specify the proper software architecture to meet your software security requirements
  • Understand what the commonly accepted best practices are software acceptance
  • Determine the proper software acquisition and supply chain requirements for your software programs
  • Get to know the proper software testing procedure for a secure software program.



  • No Requirements

Course Contents

  • Course Overview, Instructor Intro, Course Prereqs
  • Main Modules: Secure Software Implementation Common Software Vulnerabilities Security Controls Implementing Security Controls Securing Build Systems
  • Review Questions
  • Course Closeout
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