SelectorsHub Made Easy for Beginners from Scratch

Beginners to Advanced SelectorsHub Course for Beginners (Check course contents for more details)

This SelectorsHub Made Easy for Beginners course covers the below topics:

What you’ll learn

  • SelectorsHub from Basics to Advanced.
  • SelectorsHub from Scratch.
  • SelectorsHub made Easy.
  • Detailed Explanation of SelectorsHub.

Course Content

  • SelectorsHub –> 37 lectures • 2hr 55min.

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This SelectorsHub Made Easy for Beginners course covers the below topics:

  1. What is SelectorsHub?
  2. Installing SelectorsHub in Chrome Browser
  3. Using SelectorsHub in Chrome Browser
  4. Auto-generating different types of locators in different ways using SelectorsHub
  5. Using SelectorsHub for Manual Creation of Locators by using its Autosuggestion capability
  6. SelectorsHub and XPath Axes
  7. SelectorsHub Corrects Your Locators by giving Error Messages
  8. SelectorsHub auto-detects Dynamic Changeable factors in Locators
  9. SelectorsHub and Customizing Attributes
  10. Auto-generating WebDriver statements in SelectorsHub
  11. SVG Elements are supported by SelectorsHub
  12. Elements inside iframe and SelectorsHub
  13. Handling Shadow DOM Elements using SelectorsHub
  14. Handling Nested iframes using SelectorsHub
  15. Dynamic Invisible Elements Handling using SelectorsHub
  16. Handling Case Sensitiveness of Locators using SelectorsHub
  17. Generating locators for multiple Elements at a go using SelectorsHub
  18. Using Right Click options for generating Locators using SelectorsHub
  19. Converting XPath to CSS Selectors using SelectorsHub
  20. Installing SelectorsHub and Using it in Firefox Browser
  21. JSPath – Using SelectorsHub for generating DOM Locators
  22. Saving Selectors using SelectorsHub
  23. Data Scraping using SelectorsHub
  24. Generating Locators with or without using id, name, class name using SelectorsHub
  25. Generating the XPath or CSS Selectors which can locate Group or Section of Elements using SelectorsHub
  26. Different Browsers supported by SelectorsHub
  27. Installing and Using SelectorsHub in Opera Browser
  28. Installing and Using SelectorsHub in Edge Browser
  29. Installing and Using SelectorsHub in Brave, Chromium, Safari and Tor Browsers
  30. SelectorsHub can be used to generate Locators for Selenium and other Automation Tools
  31. Exporting XPath Locators to Excel File in SelectorsHub
  32. Cypress and SelectorsHub
  33. Generating Locators for Page Object Model and Page Factory Design Patterns using SelectorsHub
  34. SelectorsHub saves config in Local Machine
  35. SelectorsHub supports Nested Shadow DOM
  36. Customizing SelectorsHub for only Manual Creation of Locators
  37. Autosuggestion for the Element selected in HTML DOM using SelectorsHub
  38. SelectorsHub for Safari Browser
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