TODO List App With Backend (ReactJS + NodeJS) From Scratch

Build a Stunning TODO List App with ReactJS: Final Year Project, Portfolio Building Project, POCs and MVP

Ready to impress recruiters and ace your final year project?

What you’ll learn

  • Building the frontend with ReactJS.
  • Developing the backend with NodeJS.
  • Creating RESTful APIs for CRUD operations on TODO items..
  • Implementing user authentication and authorization.
  • Impress potential employers with a practical full-stack project showcasing your ReactJS and NodeJS skills..

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 26 lectures • 4hr 36min.
  • Deployment AWS –> 4 lectures • 45min.

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Ready to impress recruiters and ace your final year project?

Buckle up! This course takes you on a comprehensive journey to build a fully functional TODO list app, mastering ReactJS and NodeJS along the way. It’s your portfolio powerhouse and final year hero, all rolled into one!


What’s on the menu?

  • Frontend Feast with ReactJS:
    • Master the essentials: From setting up your project to conquering state management with hooks and Context API, you’ll be a React pro in no time.
    • Craft stunning UI: Build reusable components for your list, items, and form elements, then polish them with CSS modules or styled components.
    • Become a data guru: Learn to manipulate data effortlessly, handle user interactions with confidence, and integrate seamlessly with the backend.
  • Backend Bonanza with NodeJS:
    • Unlock the server-side magic: Set up your project with Express and build robust RESTful APIs for all your CRUD operations.
    • Connect the dots: Learn how to make those APIs sing by connecting your frontend and backend through powerful API calls.
    • Level up with security: Dive into user authentication and authorization for an extra layer of protection (optional).
  • Deployment & DevOps Delights:
    • Go live with confidence: Deploy your app to the world on platforms like Heroku or Netlify.
    • Version control made easy: Master Git and GitHub for seamless project management.


This course is your perfect fit if you’re:

  • A final year student seeking a killer final project that showcases your web development skills.
  • A junior developer hungry for practical experience building full-stack applications.
  • A career changer eager to enter the exciting world of web development with in-demand skills.
  • Anyone passionate about ReactJS and NodeJS ready to deepen your understanding and build a practical project.




Don’t just learn, build! Enroll now and transform your development journey with this power-packed course.

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