Virtual reality developer course

Virtual reality, Unity game engine,distributed virtual reality, advance virtual reality

This course will cover following topis

What you’ll learn

  • Principles of Virtual Reality.
  • Major VR Platforms.
  • Mobile VR vs Desktop VR.
  • Virtual Reality tools and software installation.
  • Introduction to Unity Game Engine.
  • Developing Hello World app with Unity.
  • Deploying the application on Mobile.
  • Distributed Virtual Reality.
  • Getting dirty with Unity.
  • Getting familiar with Unity UI.
  • Debugging using Unity.
  • Project.
  • Variables in Unity.
  • Scripting Animations.
  • Rays in Physics.
  • Advance virtual reality.
  • Shaders in Unity.
  • Applying Shaders in a Project.
  • Understanding the Unity Physics.
  • Using Unity Animator.
  • Scripting Animations.
  • Arrays in Unity.

Course Content

  • Introduction to virtual reality course –> 6 lectures • 1hr 2min.
  • Unity Game Engine –> 3 lectures • 33min.

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This course will cover following topis

1. Introduction to Virtual Reality

•Principles of Virtual Reality

•History of Virtual Reality

•Major VR Platforms

•Head Mounted Displays

•Mobile VR vs Desktop VR

•Top Development Platforms

•Virtual Reality Prerequisites

•Virtual Reality tools and software installation

2. Unity Game Engine

•Introduction to Unity Game Engine

•Developing Hello World app with Unity

•Deploying the application on Mobile

3. Distributed Virtual Reality

•Distributed Virtual Reality Overview

•Virtual Reality in Flight Simulation

•Military applications of Virtual Reality

•Getting dirty with Unity

•What are Unity Scripts?

•Major Elements of Scripts

•Animating Objects using Scripts

•Changing Scenes using Scripts

•Getting familiar with Unity UI

•Events, Inputs and Methods

•Debugging using Unity

•Variables in Unity

•Arrays in Unity

•Scripting Animations

•Simple Animations

•Using Unity Animator

•Understanding the Unity Physics

•Why use Physics?

•Rays in Physics

•Working with Audio in Unity

4. Advance virtual reality

•Introduction to Advance VR Concepts

•Shaders in Unity

•Applying Shaders in a Project


By knowing virtual reality can be appplied in below mentioned fields.

1) It can be used in medical studies to enable students to know the human body structure.

2) It can be used in scientific research laboratories so that scientist can easily research on a specific topic.

3) It can be used for entertainments like in games and movies to make the gaming experience more real and to allow individual to experience adventures under extreme conditions.

4) It can be used in driving schools as it give a real look of roads and traffic.

5) It can be used in military training for the soldiers to get familiar with different areas in the battlefield.These are the thing about virtual reality.

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