Viusal C++/MFC from entry to mastery

study Viusal C + + program in a month

Welcome to sutdy Viusal C + +   from entry to mastery.

What you’ll learn

  • Viusal C + + programming skills.

Course Content

  • VC + + foundation –> 9 lectures • 1hr 13min.

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Welcome to sutdy Viusal C + +   from entry to mastery.


After learning this course, you can work  with VC++2013/2017。


This course is divided into 10 chapters, including overview of Visual C + + 2013/2017, Fundamentals of windows programming, MFC dialog box programming, MFC control programming, development and use of menu, toolbar and status bar, graphics and images, dynamic link library, multithreading programming, database programming and network socket programming.


All the knowledge in this course is introduced in combination with specific examples, and the program codes involved are given detailed notes, which can make readers easily understand the essence of Visual C + + 2017 program development and quickly improve their development skills.


This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to write C applications running under Microsoft Windows operating system using visual C. Reading this book does not require prior knowledge of any specific programming language. If you fall into one of the following three situations, you are suitable for this tutorial:

● he is a novice in programming and is eager to enter the programming world and finally master C. To succeed, you need at least a general understanding of how computers work.

● programming experience in some other languages, such as basic; Eager to learn C and want to improve practical Microsoft Windows programming skills.

● have some experience in using C language or C language, but the operating environment is not Microsoft Windows; I hope to use the latest tools and technologies to expand my programming skills in Windows environment

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