Web Building and PHP Programming for Finance Executives

Build a financial calculator online to enhance users’ experience and move to a higher level of interactivity

Hi Everyone,

What you’ll learn

  • Registering a web domain name.
  • Subscribing to a web hosting plan.
  • Create a calculator with PHP.
  • Dynamic charts.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 28 lectures • 2hr 3min.

Web Building and PHP Programming for Finance Executives


  • Computer and internet connection.
  • Interested to learn.

Hi Everyone,

I am Dennis, your online instructor for this course. I am a chartered accountant and have experience in PHP coding.

You may have great ideas, or you are good at writing, blogging, or explaining formulas or theories, but you do not know how to create an online calculator to bring your blog or website to a higher level of interactivity.

Users who are interested to find out an answer get stuck, because your website or blog does not provide an online calculator.

So they will move on to the next website, and your website will lose the visitors.

Your website or blog will definitely look more comprehensive if you have an online calculator, to support all your theories or write up.


This course covers:

-Registering a web domain name and subscribing web hosting plan (to build a complete website)

-PHP coding (to build calculator)

-Dynamic Charts

-And others

-Don’t worry about buying expensive tools or software because we will be using different free tools to complete this projects together.



-Computer and internet connection

-For beginners who want to explore new interest or learn new skill

-What if I don’t know anything about domain name, web hosting, FTP, coding and others…? No worry, I have got you covered. We will go through the details.


If you have any question, feel free to drop me a message. Thank you =)