AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals Exam Prep In One Day – NOV 2021

Learn the basics of Azure AI and ML services and get certified with this complete AI-900 course!


What you’ll learn

  • Take and pass the Azure AI-900 AI Fundamentals exam.
  • Earn the Microsoft Certified Azure AI Fundamentals badge.
  • Learn the main concepts of machine learning.
  • Learn the main concepts of Azure AI Services.
  • Includes Jan 2021 changes! Up-to-date as of Nov 2021..

Course Content

  • AI-900 Azure AI Fundamentals –> 5 lectures • 23min.
  • Artificial Intelligence workloads and considerations –> 5 lectures • 30min.
  • Identify common machine learning types and core machine learning concepts –> 4 lectures • 28min.
  • Core tasks in a Machine Learning solution –> 6 lectures • 29min.
  • No Code Machine Learning –> 5 lectures • 26min.
  • Computer Vision Workloads on Azure –> 4 lectures • 20min.
  • Natural Language Workloads on Azure –> 2 lectures • 11min.
  • Conversational AI Workloads on Azure –> 2 lectures • 7min.
  • Course Wrapup and Thank You –> 4 lectures • 1min.

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The course is completely up-to-date with new requirements.

A brand new course, just launched!

Complete preparation for the AI-900 Azure Data Fundamentals exam.

The AI-900 exam covers the following topics:

  • Describe AI workloads and considerations (15-20%)
  • Describe fundamental principles of machine learning on Azure (30-35%)
  • Describe features of computer vision workloads on Azure (15-20%)
  • Describe features of Natural Language Processing (NLP) workloads on Azure (15-20%)
  • Describe features of conversational AI workloads on Azure (15-20%)

This brand new course completely covers the AI-900 exam from start to finish. Always updated with the latest requirements. This course goes over each requirement of the exam in detail. If you have no background in machine learning and want to learn about it and want to learn more about AI / ML concepts and services within Azure, or have some background in machine learning and want to progress eventually to an Azure Data Engineer or Data Analyst type role, this course is a great resource for you.

Microsoft Azure is still the fastest-growing large cloud platform. The opportunities for jobs in cloud computing are still out there, and finding well-qualified people is the #1 problem that businesses have.

If you’re looking to change your career, this would be a good entry point into cloud computing on the machine learning side.

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