Automate Ubuntu Linux SysAdmin tasks in 20+ Ansible examples

Automate the most common System Administrator tasks in Ubuntu Linux with some real-life examples Ansible Playbook

Learn the Ansible automation technology with some real-life examples.

What you’ll learn

  • Automate Ubuntu Linux System Administrator tasks.
  • Ansible in real life use cases.
  • Ansible code by modules.
  • Ansible code specific for Ubuntu systems.
  • Ansible code specific for Debian-like systems.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 1min.
  • Install Ansible –> 4 lectures • 28min.
  • Ansible Playbook code for Linux –> 17 lectures • 2hr 24min.
  • Ansible code to interact with Linux filesystem –> 2 lectures • 14min.
  • Ansible Playbook code for Ubuntu systems –> 5 lectures • 58min.

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  • Ansible basic knowledge.

Learn the Ansible automation technology with some real-life examples.

Every successful IT department needs automation nowadays for bare metal servers, virtual machines, could, containers, and edge computing. Automate your IT journey with Ansible automation technology.

I’m going to teach you example by example how to accomplish the most common System Administrator tasks.

Each of the 20+ lessons summarizes an Ansible module that you could use in your journey: from the most important parameter to some live demo of code and real-life usage. Each code is battle proved in the real life. Console interaction and verification are included in every video. Automate every mundane activity in Linux like editing config files becomes easy from editing a line, multiple lines, or creating from the template, testing if a host is available, pausing the execution, rebooting a server, checking out some code from a git repository via HTTPS or SSH with key, copying files to or from a remote host, restart services and use Ansible templates, register the systems to Subscription Manager, install packages and rolling updates, open firewall ports and set up an NFS server could be automated with some lines of code and these are only some of the long lists included in the course.

There are some Ansible codes usable in all the Linux systems.

Are you ready to automate your day with Ansible?

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