AWS API for Developers

Professional API development on the AWS platform

With the AWS API FOR DEVELOPERS course you will learn in a complete and simple way to develop API services on the AWS platform.

What you’ll learn

  • You will learn the concepts of API.
  • We will analyze the use of Http API, REST API and Websocket API.
  • You will learn to configure the environment in AWS for the deployment of APIs.
  • You will learn to create different types of API through 100% practical step-by-step exercises.

Course Content

  • Introduction to AWS API for Developers –> 5 lectures • 38min.
  • Workshop – Amazon API Gateway HTTP API –> 5 lectures • 47min.
  • Lambda-Proxy vs Lambda Integration in AWS API Gateway –> 2 lectures • 11min.
  • Workshops – Amazon API Gateway REST API –> 3 lectures • 37min.

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  • The AWS API for Developers course has no prerequisites.
  • Anyone without prior knowledge of AWS can access this course.
  • Anyone without prior knowledge of API development can access this course.
  • The course is designed in a simple language for your understanding.
  • You need an Internet connection, to connect to AWS and do the API development practices and exercises.

With the AWS API FOR DEVELOPERS course you will learn in a complete and simple way to develop API services on the AWS platform.


Environment configuration:


  • You will learn how to create a personal account on AWS
  • You will learn the basics of working in the AWS cloud
  • We will see the theoretical concepts to clearly understand what an API is, what types there are and what its architecture is. 

The course is based on real-time practice to gain a 100% understanding of API concepts and their use by development teams; Thus, as the course does not have several, but many, many totally practical workshops that you can do in your own AWS account and in this way learn to use the APIs.


We will analyze in detail:


  • The Architecture of the APIs, http API, rest API and Websocket API
  • We will analyze the advantages and use models of each of these APIs
  • Configuration of the personal account in AWS
  • Configuration of AWS services to work with API development


Any questions you have during the development of the course, with the practical exercises and their understanding, you can write to me by internal query message on the platform and I will respond promptly.


This course gives you not only the basis for you to become a professional API developer on AWS, but it also helps you understand the AWS cloud, how to configure and operate AWS services.


See you soon.


Alejandro Guzman

Udemy Instructor

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