Beginners Guide to Oracle Apex Pages and Regions

A Novice’s Handbook to Oracle Apex Pages and Regions

Discovering Oracle APEX: Unveiling Page Normal Mode, Page Modal Dialog Mode and Page Regions

What you’ll learn

  • Learn about Page Normal Mode.
  • Learn about Page Modal Dialog Mode.
  • Learn about Page Regions.
  • Adding Images and CSS to Apex Pages.
  • Hand on Lab on Page Normal Mode, Page Modal Dialog Mode and Page Regions.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 5 lectures • 44min.

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Discovering Oracle APEX: Unveiling Page Normal Mode, Page Modal Dialog Mode and Page Regions

Oracle APEX, or Application Express, is a powerful development framework for creating web applications with ease. This brief overview introduces some essential aspects of APEX, setting the stage for deeper exploration.

1. Page Normal Mode: A cornerstone of APEX, Page Normal Mode is where you build the core structure of your application. In this mode, you design pages by selecting the desired components, such as charts, forms, and interactive grids, and arrange them to create the user interface. You define data sources and set up processes to control the flow of your application.

2. Page Modal Dialog Mode: Modal dialogs in APEX enhance user experience by displaying content or interactions within a pop-up window without navigating away from the main page. You’ll learn how to create modal dialogs, link them to page elements, and control their behavior to ensure seamless interaction.

3. Page Regions: APEX applications are organized into regions, which are functional sections on a page. You’ll delve into different types of regions, such as Interactive Reports, Navigation Menus, and Charts. Understanding how to customize, arrange, and configure regions is vital for crafting an intuitive and visually appealing user interface.

4. Adding Images and CSS to Apex Pages: You’ll also discover how to incorporate images and CSS styles to enhance the look and feel of your application. Customizing the visual aspects of your pages allows you to create a unique and engaging user interface.

5. Hands-On Lab: To solidify your knowledge, we offer a hands-on lab that guides you through building pages in Page Normal Mode, creating captivating modal dialogs in Page Modal Dialog Mode, and mastering the art of organizing and styling your application using Page Regions. You’ll gain practical experience and valuable insights for your APEX projects.

It’s important to note that Oracle APEX is not limited to basic applications; it’s a versatile tool suitable for a wide spectrum of projects. From simple applications, like those you’ll create in the lab, to more complex ones that leverage local database components, REST-enabled SQL objects, and REST APIs, APEX empowers you to bring your ideas to life.

If you’ve found this introduction to APEX intriguing, stay tuned for our advanced course, where you’ll unlock the full potential of this remarkable development framework. Start your journey into APEX, and transform your web development skills today!

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