Carbonio CE Basic Course

All you need to know about the new Carbonio CE from Zextras

Carbonio CE is the very new Collaboration Server from Zextras.

What you’ll learn

  • Install a fully functional Carbonio CE server.
  • Create and deploy Let’s Encrypt Certificates on Carbonio CE.
  • Interact with Carbonio CE cli interface.
  • Manage a Carbonio email server.
  • Migrate accounts from Zimbra to Carbonio CE.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 1 lecture • 4min.
  • About Carbonio –> 1 lecture • 4min.
  • Preparing to Install –> 1 lecture • 12min.
  • Installing Carbonio CE –> 1 lecture • 30min.
  • Let’s Encrypt! –> 1 lecture • 15min.
  • Admin UI Tour –> 1 lecture • 34min.
  • CLI – Command Line Interface –> 1 lecture • 34min.
  • Whitelist and Blocklist –> 1 lecture • 13min.
  • User UI Tour – Webmail –> 1 lecture • 47min.
  • Migrate from Zimbra to Carbonio CE –> 1 lecture • 28min.

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Carbonio CE is the very new Collaboration Server from Zextras.

Corporate E-mail, Calendars, Files repository and online Office. Learn all about it here on Carbonio Community Edition Basic course where you’re gonna see how it works and go all the way from preparing the operations system, going to installation until migrate your accounts ans messages from Zimbra. We’re also covering all Administration and User Interfaces, how to create and deploy Let’s Encrypt Certificates on it and also deal with block and white lists.


  • In this course you will learn:
  • What is Carbonio CE?
  • How it works?
  • What CE stands for?
  • What OS are supported?
  • Minimal hardware requirements
  • How to fix all pre-install requirements (date, language, network, ipv6, database)
  • Installing Carbonio from packages to bootstrap and discovery services
  • Post installation performance adjustments
  • Create and deploy Let’s Encrypt certificate with ACME
  • Go through all Admin UI options to know where is what
  • Working with most important cli commands
  • Whitelist and Blocklist of domains and e-mails
  • Go through all Users UI – The webmail and all it’s options
  • Migrate from Zimbra to Carbonio using Z2C – Zimbra to Carbonio tool


With fully hands-on video classes and an awesome support material with all commands used, you’ll get it fast and easy. Just follow all step-by-step tutorials. Starting from the scratch til have it all working.

All hands on classes have a file with all needed commands so you can easily copy and paste to follow it on your own testing server.


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