ChatGPT clone with Laravel 10 and Vue 3 !

Create a chatgpt with laravel 10 Vue 3 and openAI

Hello Internet !

What you’ll learn

  • Interact with OpenAI apis.
  • Create applications with Laravel Vue.
  • Basic usage of prompting.
  • Working with Inertia as an api-less library.

Course Content

  • Basic Configurations –> 5 lectures • 24min.
  • GPT implementation –> 15 lectures • 1hr 47min.

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Hello Internet !

What is hotter than ChatGPT these days? exactly, NOTHING

So, what is better than creating a full-blown project with almost 90% of real chatgpt  with Laravel 10 and Vue 3 with the help of the famous Inertia . In this rather compact course you will learn how to start with laravel and vue and then interact with OpenAI package written for laravel plus a ton of tailwind styling which makes our end product much like the actual chatgpt.

We start by laravel and then use vue components, props, methods, and other common features of Vue itself . We also utilize Inertia for creating forms and handling our page navigations. Then with the help of OpenAI package we make api calls to get our answer from the prompt input .

We also talk about the openAI apis and read thro specifications to make sense out of our own api calls.

This course is not going to be a black box, I explain everything as we go further and we will cover so much .

After finishing this course you can brag about a hot new project in your resume and maybe go beyond with openAI features yourself .

Good luck and see you on the other side !

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