CompTIA Cloud+ Part -2 (Cloud Security)

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Certcop (A division of Secbay Inc.) A proud training of CompTIA

What you’ll learn

  • Configure identity and access management..
  • Secure a network in a cloud environment..
  • Apply the appropriate OS and application security controls..
  • Apply data security and compliance controls in cloud environments..
  • Practice Questions.

Course Content

  • Certcop Introduction –> 1 lecture • 26min.
  • CompTIA Cloud+ Introduction –> 1 lecture • 19min.
  • Cloud Deployment –> 10 lectures • 4hr 1min.
  • Practice Exam Prep video and Cloud+ Complete Flash Cards –> 1 lecture • 11min.
  • Practice Exam –> 0 lectures • 0min.

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  • CompTIA Cloud Essentials or Equivalent experience in Cloud Technologies..

Certcop (A division of Secbay Inc.) A proud training of CompTIA

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Master Bundle Includes:

  1. Course Content
  2. Exam Certips
  3. Practice Exam for Cloud Security
  4. FlashCards for the complete course.


CompTIA Cloud+

CompTIA Cloud+ is the first performance-based IT certification that considers cloud-based infrastructure services in the context of overall IT system operations, independent of platform. Migrating to the cloud opens up new possibilities for deploying, optimizing, and protecting mission-critical applications and data storage. CompTIA Cloud+ certifies the technical abilities required to protect these important assets.


Exam Description

CompTIA Cloud+ certifies the abilities required to deploy and automate secure cloud infrastructures that support business systems and data availability.

It contains new technologies to serve the evolving cloud market, as more companies rely on cloud-based technologies to run mission-critical systems now that hybrid and multi-cloud are the standards.


Program Objectives – Cloud Security

  1. Company Introduction
  2. Introduction to CompTIA Cloud+
    1. Given a scenario, configure identity and access management.
  3. Given a scenario, secure a network in a cloud environment.
  4. Given a scenario, apply the appropriate OS and application security controls.
  5. Given a scenario, apply the appropriate OS and application security controls.
  6. Given a scenario, implement measures to meet security requirements.
  7. Explain the importance of incident response procedures.
  8. Exam Certtips and Flash Cards
  9. Practice exam
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