Computer Math Series

The little ones and zeros that make the world go around. How little ones and zeros control the digital world.

This video course has been brewing in the back of my mind

What you’ll learn

  • A historic view on Tally math.
  • A Historic view on early number system such as Roman numerials.
  • How base Ten works.
  • How Base Two works.
  • How Base 16 works.
  • Be able to convert numbers from any base to any other base.

Course Content

  • Basic Computer Math –> 25 lectures • 1hr 40min.

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This video course has been brewing in the back of my mind

for 10 years if not more. I have used pieces of it to teach

friends, family and co-workers about basic computer concepts.

I found it very well received. Now that I am retired I have

the time to formally put together this video course. You will

learn about numeric systems from a historic view.

See how the binary number systems compares to the base ten

number system that you use in every day life. Once you

understand how base ten really works, understanding binary

becomes much easier, and the template falls into place.

can do complex things with simple ones and zeros.

Learn logic and or exclusive or. How different numbers

formats are stored, fixed point, binary coded decimal.

Learn to convert decimal to hex. See ASCII strings in

programs. and more. Do you know how Roman numerical work,

and why there were do not scale well. I cover logic

and look at several programming languages and how they

use bit an bytes and Boolean operations. While this is not

a course to teach you to program that would be a whole new

video series. But this give you a solid background of what goes

on under the hood of the computer. I enjoyed making this course

and hope if serves you well and you get enjoyment and education from it.





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