Crack any Selenium interview | Showcase 1-3 yrs Experience

Module 1 : Detailed topics in Selenium || Module 2 : It is all about the interview questions, there answer

Date : 08/Feb/2021

What you’ll learn

  • This course will help to crack any selenium interview and showcase your automation experience from 1 to 3 years.

Course Content

  • Detailed topics in Selenium –> 11 lectures • 1hr 13min.
  • Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions –> 5 lectures • 1hr 6min.

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Date : 08/Feb/2021


Author : Vishal Joshi, I am a Automation QA and have a 4+ years of experience in Selenium.


Prerequisite :

1. Basic knowledge of Selenium is enough.


What this course will give you :

1. It will ready you to crack any interview ranging 1- 3 years experience.

2. It will help you to showcase your experience in Automation.


Audience :

1. Manual Testers who wants to move to automation.

2. People who wants to works as Web Automation Testers.

3. People who wants to start there career in Testing.


What are the contents it has :


Module 1 : Detailed topics in Selenium


1. Xpath –Absolute and Relative xpath

2. Waits–Implicit, Explicit and Fluent wait

3. Asserts –Hard and Soft Assertions

4. Methods–IsDisplayed, IsEnabled, IsSelected

5. Mouse Actions in Selenium

6. Dropdown in Selenium

7. Navigations in Selenium

8. Taking screenshots in Selenium

9. Cookies in Selenium

10.Minimizing and Maximizing browser

11.Alerts in Selenium


Module 2 : It is all about the interview questions, there answer with explanation and fast learning tricks :

1. Interview Question Part 1

2. Interview Question Part 2

3. Interview Question Part 3

4. Interview Question Part 4

5. Interview Question Part 5


Will be added in upcoming weeks (In Progress)

6. Interview Question Part 6–> On Approaches like BDD, TDD, Keyword Data Driven

7. Interview Question Part 7–> On TestNG framework



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