E2E Azure Devops Realtime Reactjs Projects with Infra

FrontDoor, HA, DR, Scaling, Build&Release Pipelines, AppServices, DB, Agents, Log&Monitoring, Azure Devops

This course will give you more insights on the E2E  ReactJs Project Setup from Architecture to Logging & Monitoring

What you’ll learn

  • E2E hands-on for the ReactJs Realtime Project with architecture & implementation with the help of Azure Devops CI/CD.
  • Deep Understanding on the FrontDoor Models – standard , Premium with Practical approach.
  • Build complete E2E Project skills to start DevOps Journey with Realtime Projects.
  • Gain Knowledge in DevOps projects setup, from scratch CI/CD setup to Logging &Monitoring.
  • Learn how to build complete DevOps Lifecycle for a project by considering CI/CD Mindset.
  • Complete knowledge as part of High Availability & Disaster Recovery.
  • E2E Project Architecture with Logging , Monitoring , DR, HA.
  • Gain knowledge on App service and App Service Plan along with app deployments.
  • Deep Knowledge on the Env and Branching strategies.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 10 lectures • 3hr 59min.
  • Architecture Planning & Provisining –> 6 lectures • 2hr 17min.
  • Build & Release Pipelines –> 4 lectures • 1hr 10min.
  • Env & Branching Strategy –> 2 lectures • 47min.

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This course will give you more insights on the E2E  ReactJs Project Setup from Architecture to Logging & Monitoring


5 Things YOU need to know about this DevOps Course

#1: LEARN E2E  Architecture & Devops Model

#2: HA, DR & Scaling Discussion on Azure Components

#3: IMPLEMENT DEVOPS with a HANDS-ON approach Using Azure Cloud Infra concepts





Do you have ZERO experience with DevOps Azure DevOps ?  No Problem.

Do you have ZERO experience with Cloud Infra with Azure Cloud  ? No Problem.

Do you have ZERO experience with Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery in DevOps with Azure DevOps ? No Problem.

Do you have ZERO experience with the Logging & Monitoring? No Problem.


Buckle up and Get ready for this wonderful ride on cloud infra devops with realtime projects & concepts


Look No Further!


Are you looking to advance your career in the IT field further? The DevOps  course provides an excellent starting point for anyone who wants working knowledge in this rapidly-growing area. Not only will it teach you about the core culture and practices, but it will also give insight into some of its most prominent techniques.


You’ll learn powerful concepts such as DR, HA and Scaling while gaining expertise in Azure Cloud Infra and very detailed understanding on the logging. Monitoring, Alerting , HA & DR Deployments, Load Balancers, Hosting Components & CI/CD


Start your journey today toward becoming a Cloud Infra Devops Engineer, you can understand all the below in a detailed way in this series


Cloud Introduction

Onprime vs Cloud Computing

Cloud Deployment Models

Service Models

Azure Regions & Zones


ReactJs Project #01

Spot Discount Discussion along with VM Provisioning

Agent Setup & NIC Card Discussion

SSH Connection to a VM

DB High Availability

DB Disaster Recovery

Stakeholder connection to postgresDB


Project Arc Planning & Provisioning

Steps for Implementing the E2E Architecture

Provisioning – Appservice Provisioning for ReactJs App]

Provisioning – Front Door Standard Integration with Appservice

Provisioning – VM & Front Door whitelist at the Appservice

Front Door Premium Integration with Appservice


Build & Release Pipelines

Azure Build Pipelines

Azure Release Pipelines

Deployment to Secondary Site=

Logging , Monitoring & Alerting


Env & Branching Strategy

Realtime Env Deep Discussion

Realtime Branching Strategy Deep Discussion


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