Electrical Power System Protection

Design Reliable Power System , Fault Types and Their Effects and different Methods to Calculate Short Circuit Current

You Will Learn in This Course Electrical Power System Protection Part 1 :-

What you’ll learn

  • Protect Electrical Power Systems.
  • Protection of Industrial Power Equipment.
  • Fundamental of Modern Power System Protection.
  • Different Types of Faults in Electrical Power System.
  • Electrical Power Distribution Systems.
  • Short Circuit Current Analysis.

Course Content

  • Electrical Power System Protection according to IEC – Part 1 –> 11 lectures • 2hr 21min.

Electrical Power System Protection


  • Electrical Installations Design Part 2.

You Will Learn in This Course Electrical Power System Protection Part 1 :-

– Why We need Electrical Protection Systems and What Is Required from Electrical Protection Devices

– Basic Protection Devices

– Simple Distribution Systems

– Different Types of Faults and Effects

– Short Circuit Analysis

– Different Methods To Do Short Circuit Test

– Calculate The Fault On Any Electrical equipment

– Calculate The Fault at Any point on the Electrical network

– Calculate The Total Short Circuit Current of Electrical Network

– Calculate The Clearance Time of Fault

– Test The Withstand Capability of Electrical Equipment

Our Goal

– To Reduce The Gap Between Academic Studies and Practical Life and How To Apply The Academic Studies In Your Work

– Give You a lot of Different Design Examples to Give You flexibility of Mind Without Following Specific Rules

– Deep Understanding Of Electrical Power System Equipment , Design Installation and Protection

Deep Understanding Of  Electrical Protection How to Read Single Line Diagram  of Electrical Designs

– Give You Powerful Resources to Study Well


After This Course You Will Have Deep Understanding of Electrical Drawing Design and How To Design and Protect Electrical Power Systems Networks For Residential , Commercial and Industrial Projects and Apply This Experience in Your WorkPlace

This course is a summary of a set of scientific research , many references and work experience.

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