Enterprise Blockchain Architect Course

Learn Blockchain Architecture skills and design patterns to build Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Learn Blockchain Architecture from the industry experts!

What you’ll learn

  • You will have a strong understanding about what Enterprise Blockchain Architecture is.
  • You will able to understand and design Blockchain solutions with Best practices.
  • You will be able to design integration capabilities of Blockchain with enterprise solutions.
  • Understand the major Blockchain platforms and their Architecture.
  • Learn about various Design Patterns for Blockchain Architecture.
  • Maintain Risks and Security Considerations for Blockchain Integration.
  • You will learn about the Conceptual View to frame High Level Enterprise Blockchain Architecture.
  • You will learn about the Deployment View to design Low Level Enterprise Blockchain Architecture and its Components.
  • You will learn about the Enterprise View and how to visualize external services with Blockchain Architecture.

Course Content

  • Introduction to the Course –> 3 lectures • 7min.
  • Introduction to Blockchain –> 6 lectures • 34min.
  • Blockchain Architecture Fundamentals –> 5 lectures • 54min.
  • Considering Blockchain as a Solution –> 2 lectures • 20min.
  • Blockchain Architecture Support Tools –> 9 lectures • 26min.
  • Blockchain Internal Architecture –> 1 lecture • 9min.
  • Components Defining the Blockchain Architecture –> 2 lectures • 28min.
  • Blockchain Platform Architecture Analysis –> 4 lectures • 36min.
  • Blockchain Platform Selection and Blockchain Solution Overview –> 10 lectures • 30min.
  • Defining Blockchain Implementation Approach –> 1 lecture • 9min.
  • Architectural Design View for Blockchain: Conceptual –> 6 lectures • 28min.
  • Architectural Design Views for Blockchain: Deployment and Enterprise –> 2 lectures • 21min.
  • Additional Architecture Concepts and Components –> 1 lecture • 11min.
  • Blockchain Integration Considerations –> 1 lecture • 8min.
  • Blockchain Architecture Risk Management –> 2 lectures • 21min.
  • Blockchain Architecture Design Patterns –> 1 lecture • 5min.
  • External World Patterns –> 3 lectures • 19min.
  • Data Management Patterns –> 4 lectures • 29min.
  • Security Patterns –> 3 lectures • 20min.
  • Contract Structural Patterns –> 5 lectures • 34min.
  • Conclusion and Summary –> 2 lectures • 5min.

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Learn Blockchain Architecture from the industry experts!


Learn the key concepts of designing Blockchain Architecture and Design Patterns in the most simplest terms.


Welcome to the Enterprise Blockchain Architect Course. Blockchain saw tremendous growth in the past three years, but there is still a gap present in Enterprise adoption of Blockchain. This gap arises due to differences between the Blockchain solution from the traditional software solution. This gap has also made software architects think in a distributed way to adapt and integrate Blockchain with enterprise and legacy systems. Setting up an adaptive and flexible solution is a prime requirement for any growing industry and this lead to new wave of software architects and consultants, who are also known as “Blockchain Architects.”

The prime goal for a Blockchain Architect is to:

  • Represent a common abstraction of the system, which all the stakeholders can use beneficially.
  • Setup design decisions, integration consideration, implementation strategy, deployment models and maintenance life-cycle.
  • Provide abstraction with continuous integration for the system. Bring in an adaptive model for Blockchain, which is well integrated with the current system but can also be utilized with other similar structures.

This course has been designed in such a way that you will get a thorough understanding of how to design Enterprise Architecture with regards to different business and technology considerations. This is a very comprehensive course which will take you through the Blockchain Design Patterns and Enterprise graded projects in the simplest way.


In 2018, the rise in jobs in the Blockchain sector has been 7000%. For every 14 jobs in the USA, there is only 1 person who is available to take up the job in Blockchain. With a limited talent pool, blockchain techies are in huge demand, primarily at banks, non-banking financial companies, global in-house centers and public sector firms. Blockchain skills will get you double, or even triple, the salary of a software engineer or architect.


What you will you get with this course:

This course will help you setup a Distributed design thinking and model enterprise Blockchain Architecture. After taking this course you will be able to answer:

  • How organizational goals influence requirements and development strategy for the Blockchain solution?
  • How requirements lead to a Blockchain architecture?
  • How different Blockchain architectures are analyzed?
  • How sustainable Blokchain architectures yield systems that suggest new organizational capabilities and requirements?

Moreover, we have provided various quizzes as a part of the modules to make the course more interactive and help you test out your knowledge. You will get more clarity and will be able to master all the important topics related to Enterprise Blockchain Architecture.


What we cover in this course:

  • What is Blockchain?
  • History of Blockchain
  • How Blockchain works
  • Blockchain Architecture Fundamentals
  • Blockchain Decision Tree
  • Blockchain Architecture Support Tools: Lighting Network, Coco Framework etc
  • Understanding Blockchain Internal Architecture
  • Various Blockchain solutions like Ethereum, Hyperledger, Bitcoin, Cords, Quorum, Multichain and EOS
  • Business and Technical components factoring into Blockchain Architecture
  • Blockchain platform analysis: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger and Corda
  • Blockchain Platform differentiation and selection criteria
  • Steps to form your Blockchain solution
  • Blockchain implementation strategy
  • Building Enterprise Blockchain Architecture: Conceptual, Deployment and Enterprise Views
  • Blockchain Integration Considerations.
  • Blockchain Security Concerns and Risk Management

Bonus material we provide:

  • Various design patterns have been provided which help you in easily integrating Blockchain with legacy systems.
  • We have provided various quizzes at the end of each module for a better understanding of Enterprise Blockchain Architecture.
  • External World Patterns, Data Management Patterns, Security Patterns and Contract Structural Patterns are included to help in making quick and effective design decisions.
  • Additional Blockchain concepts and tools are included which help in making much more granular decisions.
  • This course is structured to provide you a complete guide in designing the Enterprise Blockchain projects.

We2Blocks is a Blockchain Consultation and Training Company having a global presence. With this course we aim to promote Blockchain and create an environment for people interested in Blockchain to learn and expand their knowledge. We will be coming out with various blockchain tutorials related to blockchain technology, practice questions related to blockchain certifications, Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Composer, Hyperledger Sawtooth, Ethereum, Corda and as well as courses related to blockchain management and architecture.

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