Generative AI Fundamentals

Overview, Evolution and Business Impact

This course covers the fundamental technical and business concepts of Generative AI, or simply GenAI.

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the building blocks of Generative AI.
  • Business impact of GenAI such as value chain, business models and use cases.
  • Evolution of Large Language Models.
  • Different types of architectures: probabilistic, neural network based and transformer based.
  • How GPT was trained by OpenAI.

Course Content

  • Overview –> 6 lectures • 59min.
  • Business Impact –> 4 lectures • 25min.

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This course covers the fundamental technical and business concepts of Generative AI, or simply GenAI.

It is the most hyped-up technology existing in the market today. Gartner has listed it on the top of its two hype curves for 2023: AI technologies hype curve and Emerging Technologies hype curve. This technology became popular since the launch of ChatGPT, a GenAI-powered chatbot, released by OpenAI, on 30th Nov 2022. ChatGPT has 100 million+ users and its website sees nearly 1.5 billion monthly visits.

GenAI has a massive impact on individuals and businesses around the globe. It is a digital transformation technology, that has the potential to change the ways of doing business. Businesses around the globe are exploring how to best exploit its potential to add value to their customers.

It is important that individuals have the fundamental knowledge of this technology, which will play a significant role in shaping their lives in the coming years- so that they can be more ethically aware and socially responsible while using GenAI. Businesses too must cultivate this knowledge to understand their customer needs better and offer the best GenAI solutions for them. However, most of the content available today is either too high-level or too complex with lots of technical diagrams and jargon.

This has inspired me to develop this course with substantial content in a simplified and easy-to-understand language for people with both technical and non-technical backgrounds.

This course currently contains two sections:

1. Overview

2. Business Impact

More sections such as Architecture, Training, and Prompt Engineering, will be added soon.

The lecture videos contain a simplified explanation of the technical and business concepts for people with both technical and non-technical backgrounds. For the audience interested in exploring the technicalities further, kindly refer to the additional content attached to some of the lectures.

If you have any questions or doubts, kindly email me through the Udemy platform. You can also connect with me through LinkedIn.

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I would like to offer a special 20% discount promo code to the first 25 early-bird students enrolled in this course. Additionally, the first 10 early-bird ones will receive a free chapter on Digital Transformation from my book.

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