Install and Learn the OpenStack Cloud – for Beginners

Install & Learn the OpenStack Cloud on AWS

In this course, you’ll launch an instance in the Amazon VPC and install OpenStack cloud software inside it.

What you’ll learn

  • Install OpenStack Cloud Software On AWS.
  • Provision OpenStack Compute, Network and Storage Services.
  • OpenStack Architecture.
  • Troubleshoot OpenStack Cloud Issues.

Course Content

  • Introduction to OpenStack –> 4 lectures • 24min.
  • Setup AWS to Deploy OpenStack –> 5 lectures • 39min.
  • Install OpenStack –> 7 lectures • 51min.
  • Get Hands-on With OpenStack –> 6 lectures • 36min.

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In this course, you’ll launch an instance in the Amazon VPC and install OpenStack cloud software inside it.

Then, you’ll master OpenStack by doing several hands-on labs.

The first section, provides an introduction to the OpenStack Cloud, its services and architecture. It deals with the basics of OpenStack.

In the second section, you’ll set up various AWS resources to deploy OpenStack. You’ll begin by creating an IAM User and a Role. After this, you’ll create an AWS VPC and setup networking. Then, you’ll setup SSH keys & build an EC2 image for running OpenStack. Finally, you’ll launch the EC2 instance that will run the OpenStack cloud software in AWS.

In the third section, you’ll get the necessary software & stack OpenStack. After this, you’ll access the OpenStack dashboard and learn to work with the OpenStack CLI. You’ll learn about various concepts in OpenStack such as Domains, Projects and Users and you’ll get some hands-on with them. You’ll also learn OpenStack troubleshooting techniques.

In the fourth section, you’ll do several hands-on labs. You’ll create networks, subnets, instances, security groups, ssh-keys, routers, & volumes.

By the end of this course, you’ll get a very good understanding of installing and working with the OpenStack cloud.

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