Lift and shift using Oracle E-Business Cloud Manager

Lift and shift of Oracle EBS R12.2.10 using Oracle E-Business Cloud Manager

Lift and Shift Oracle E-Business Suite to the Cloud Using E-Business Suite Cloud Manager

What you’ll learn

  • Oracle EBS DBA.
  • Oracle Cloud DBA.
  • Oracle RAC DBA.
  • Oracle Migration DBA.

Course Content

  • Overview of this course –> 8 lectures • 1hr 19min.
  • Lift and Shift using Oracle EBS Cloud Manager –> 5 lectures • 51min.

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Lift and Shift Oracle E-Business Suite to the Cloud Using E-Business Suite Cloud Manager

Use Oracle E-Business Cloud Manager to transport and migrate (lift and shift) an Oracle E-Business Suite environment from an on-premises data center to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

This architecture supports the following components in OCI:

  • Virtual cloud network (VCN) and subnetA VCN is a customizable, software-defined network that you set up in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region. Like traditional data center networks, VCNs give you complete control over your network environment. A VCN can have multiple non-overlapping CIDR blocks that you can change after you create the VCN. You can segment a VCN into subnets, which can be scoped to a region or to an availability domain. Each subnet consists of a contiguous range of addresses that don’t overlap with the other subnets in the VCN. You can change the size of a subnet after creation. A subnet can be public or private.
  • Object storageObject storage provides quick access to large amounts of structured and unstructured data of any content type, including database backups, analytic data, and rich content such as images and videos. You can safely and securely store and then retrieve data directly from the internet or from within the cloud platform. You can seamlessly scale storage without experiencing any degradation in performance or service reliability. Use standard storage for “hot” storage that you need to access quickly, immediately, and frequently. Use archive storage for “cold” storage that you retain for long periods of time and seldom or rarely access.
  • EBS Cloud ManagerOracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager creates the backup of your source Oracle E-Business Suite instance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage service. This is the first part of a lift and shift process. You can subsequently complete the lift and shift process by using Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager to provision an environment on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure based on the backup.
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