LTspice Simulator Tutorial Basics : Run your simulations

LTspice simulations – all the GUI Basics

Hi Everyone-

What you’ll learn

  • LTspice GUI basics- Behavioral voltages , current sources, dependent sources.
  • Creating symbols and adding third party models ( .models and .SUBCKT).
  • AC Sweep, DC Sweep, DC operating point, Time domain transient analysis.
  • Building hierarchical blocks.
  • Monte Carlo simulation.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 14 lectures • 2hr 58min.

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Hi Everyone-

Under the instructor profile, there is a YouTube link. Please check it out.

LTspice is a SPICE based circuit simulator produced by Analog Devices (more specifically  Linear Technology).

-This simulation tool is very simple to use. I will be telling you all the basics.  I will be talking about how to use the LTspice simulator and all the basics related to the graphical user interface and the list of items shown below.

-I will talk about the behavioral voltages, currents, dependent sources

-How to place the resistors, capacitors, inductors, and transformers

-Various simulation commands such as the DC operating point , DC sweep, and the AC analysis sweep (frequency domain feedback loop analysis)

-Transient analysis (time domain)

-Import third party models into LTspice (such as the zener diode models, NPN transistor models, operational amplifier, and any sub circuit).

-How to build Hierarchical models especially when the schematic becomes very complex.

-How to perform Montecarlo analysis on components.

– How to download the LTspice simulator from Analog Devices website and run it successfully.

This course is for everyone who want to learn the LTspice simulator basics.  I hope you enjoy this course and understand all the basics of how to do run the circuits and build the circuits. Hopefully you become an LTspice expert.


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