Mastering D3.js Extensions in Qlik Sense

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Welcome to Mastering D3.js in Qlik Sense!

What you’ll learn

  • How to easily integrate D3 code into Qlik Sense and make it interactive.
  • How to create custom advanced Qlik Sense visualisations using JavaScript and D3.
  • Good understanding of JavaScript, D3, HTML, CSS related to Qlik extensions.
  • Learn the Qlik Hypercube and how to query it.
  • Create properties to edit and customise Qlik Sense visualizations.
  • How to use external editors (Visual Studio Code) to build an extension.

Course Content

  • Course Introduction –> 6 lectures • 51min.
  • Integrate a D3 v4 Animated Barchart into QlikSense –> 13 lectures • 1hr 37min.
  • Custom properties: extending the functionalities –> 11 lectures • 2hr 7min.
  • Section 4: More Complex Data Arrays –> 8 lectures • 1hr 6min.
  • Bonus Section: Course Discount –> 2 lectures • 1min.

Mastering D3.js Extensions in Qlik Sense


  • An interest in these technologies and a willingness to learn!.
  • Knowledge of Qlik Sense helpful, but not essential.
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
  • All the tools can be downloaded for free (Qlik Sense Desktop, Visual Studio Code).

Welcome to Mastering D3.js in Qlik Sense! 

This course will provide you the tools to create, integrate and customise D3.js visualisations in Qlik Sense. This is the most complete Qlik Sense and D3.js course available online. The competitive nature of the evolving Business Intelligence market, makes this a key skill for modern day Qlik developers. This will boost your CV, profile and ensure you stand out from the crowd!

We will start by covering the basics. Building a “Hello World” extension, understanding the Qlik Hypercube and steps to integrate your first D3.js code into Qlik Sense. Once we’ve covered the fundamentals, we will stretch your learning to more advanced topics. We’ll cover full customisation of an extension; building a custom properties panel, interactivity and advanced features. We will then move onto multiple visualisation types and ensure you have the skills to embed any D3.js chart into Qlik Sense.

Not only this, we will provide a template for you to easily integrate D3.js in 6 easy steps, exercises to consolidate your learning and continuous support throughout the course.

We look forward to sharing this great course with you!


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