Monitoring, Observability and Alerting with Prometheus

Infrastructure Monitoring,Observability and Alerting with Prometheus, Prometheus Exporters, PromQL and Grafana

Infrastructure Monitoring, Observability, and Alerting with Prometheus, Prometheus Exporters, Prometheus Metrics, PromQL, and Grafana

What you’ll learn

  • Infrastructure Monitoring and Observabilitity overview.
  • What is Prometheus, Prometheus Architecture and its components.
  • Prometheus Configuration files, Scrape Config ,Alerting Rules and Alert Manager.
  • PromQL Tutorial- Vectors, data types, selectors and matchers, Aggregrators, Functions.
  • Prometheus Metrics Types – Counter, Histogram, Gauge.
  • Monitoring Linux, Windows, Docker, Jenkins and Kubernetes using Prometheus and Grafana.

Course Content

  • Prometheus Architecture and Prometheus Architecture Components –> 2 lectures • 24min.
  • Prometheus Installation –> 3 lectures • 36min.
  • Prometheus Configuration Files –> 4 lectures • 1hr 6min.
  • Prometheus Exporters –> 3 lectures • 24min.
  • PromQL(Prometheus Query Language) Tutorial –> 5 lectures • 40min.
  • Monitoring Windows and Linux Servers using Prometheus and Grafana –> 3 lectures • 1hr 25min.
  • Monitoring Jenkins Jobs with Prometheus, Grafana and Node Exporter –> 1 lecture • 30min.

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Infrastructure Monitoring, Observability, and Alerting with Prometheus, Prometheus Exporters, Prometheus Metrics, PromQL, and Grafana

Section 1:  Introduction to Monitoring and Observability

  • What is Infrastructure Monitoring
  • What is Observability
  • Difference Between Monitoring & Observability


Section 2: What is Prometheus and Prometheus Architecture and its components

  • Prometheus Architecture
  • Prometheus Architecture Components


Section 3: Prometheus Installation

  • How to Install Prometheus on Ubuntu
  • Install and Configure the latest Prometheus on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • How to Install Prometheus using Docker Container
  • How to Install Prometheus on Amazon Linux 2

Section 4: Prometheus Configuration Files

  • Prometheus Configuration Files with Examples
  • Prometheus Scrape Configuration with Examples
  • Prometheus Recording Rules with Examples
  • Alerting Rules in Prometheus with Examples
  • Alerting with Alertmanager in Prometheus with Examples
  • Push Gateway in Prometheus with Examples

Section 5: Prometheus Exporters

  • What are Exporters in Prometheus
  • Node Exporter in Prometheus with Examples
  • WMI Exporter in Prometheus with Examples

Section 6: PromQL Tutorial

  • Vectors in Prometheus with Examples
  • PromQL Data Types
  • Binary Operators in Prometheus
  • Sectors and matchers in Prometheus

Section 7: Metrics in Prometheus and its Types

  • What are metrics in Prometheus and Types
  • Prometheus Metrics Types – Counter with Examples
  • Prometheus Metrics Types – Gauge with Examples
  • Prometheus Metrics Types – Histogram with Examples
  • Prometheus Metrics Types – Summary with Examples

Section 8: Adding Prometheus as a Data Source in Grafana

  • How to add Prometheus Data Source in Grafana

Section 9: Monitoring Windows and Linux Servers using Prometheus and Grafana

  • Monitor Linux server Prometheus, Node Exporter, and Grafana
  • Monitoring Linux and Windows using Prometheus and Grafana
  • Monitoring Windows server with Prometheus and Grafana with WMI exporter

Section 10: Monitoring Docker Containers with Prometheus and Grafana

  • Monitor Docker Containers with Prometheus and Grafana


Section 11: Monitoring Jenkins Jobs with Prometheus, Grafana, and Node Exporter

  • Monitoring Jenkins Jobs with Prometheus, Grafana, and Node Exporter


Section 12: Monitoring Kubernetes Cluster with Prometheus and Grafana


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