PostgreSQL DBA Routine Maintenance Tasks and Data Dictionary

Certified PostgreSQL DBA Certification (CPSDBA) – Module 6 – This Module is also part of PostgreSQL DBA Certification

Only Vendor Neutral Training & Certification course for PostgreSQL DBA

What you’ll learn

  • Routine Maintenance Tasks.
  • Database Maintenance, Maintenance Tools, Optimizer Statistics.
  • Updating Statistics, Data Fragmentation and Bloat, Routine Vacuuming.
  • System Administration Functions.
  • More System Administration Functions.

Course Content

  • Routine Maintenance Tasks –> 11 lectures • 43min.
  • Data Dictionary –> 6 lectures • 23min.

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Only Vendor Neutral Training & Certification course for PostgreSQL DBA


PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source object-relational database system that uses and extends the SQL language combined with many features that safely store and scale the most complicated data workloads. The origins of PostgreSQL date back to 1986 as part of the Postgres project at the University of California at Berkeley and has more than 30 years of active development on the core platform.

PostgreSQLCert is a dedicated PostgreSQL Training, Certification & Services division of CertFirst (A leading Global Open Source and Security certification Training Provider). CertFirst became the first company in 2005 to launch a structured PostgreSQL Training & Certification program and has successfully provided hands-on Instructor-led training to hundreds of clients world-wide.

Postgresqlcert offers vendor Neutral certification programs so the client can get to learn about all available options in the market NOT just focused on one vendor who is just trying to promote their own products and services. Postgresqlcert goal is provide the best possible non-bias training & certification possible to all its clients.



  • Basic SQL & Linux OS
  • Internet access is required to download PostgreSQL Server
  • Basic understanding of SQL language is highly recommended but not required

Target Audience:

Existing Oracle, MySQL or Microsoft DBA’s or new candidates interested in getting certified as a PostgreSQL DBA.

Certification Exam Fee: $195 (not Included)

This extensive PostgreSQL DBA training & certification program is divided in to several domains. Each video covers a specific specialized topic which will enable candidate to master each domain by learning and then applying this knowledge in the hands-on environment. Local or cloud installation will be required in order to perform all labs.


The “PostgreSQL DBA Routine Maintenance Tasks and Data Dictionary” topic within the PostgreSQLCert program provides an in-depth exploration of crucial routine maintenance activities essential for maintaining the peak performance, dependability, and security of PostgreSQL databases. This encompasses a spectrum of tasks, including monitoring database health, conducting regular backups and restores, fine-tuning database performance through indexing and vacuuming, and optimizing database storage space utilization. Moreover, the topic delves into the concept of a data dictionary in PostgreSQL, acting as a centralized repository of metadata containing comprehensive information about database objects, schemas, privileges, and other pertinent details. This empowers administrators to efficiently manage and analyze database structures and contents. By mastering these essential skills, participants not only ensure the efficiency and security of PostgreSQL databases but also bolster their readiness for the PostgreSQL DBA certification program.