Power BI: Nice Tips || Real Time Scenario

Power BI: Nice Tips || Real Time Scenario

What you’ll learn

  • Tips: Custom Tooltip, Drill Down, BookMark,.
  • Drill Through, Smart Narrative, Sorting, Q&A Feature, Decomposition Tree,.
  • Page Navigation, Easy Page Movement,.
  • Move to next visual by TAB,Move Objects, Lock Objects, Hide and View, Percentage, Dollar sign, Expand and collapse, Stepped layout,Gradient Colour on Visual,.
  • Real Time Scenario: Convert Blank values to Zero, Conditional Formatting with Images,Sequence Changes,.
  • Default State -Drill Through, Dynamic Column Selection, Dynamic Text Changes,.
  • Dynamic Title Changes, Month Sequence, Dynamic RLS – Userprincipalname,.
  • CY Vs PY, Running Total,.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 27 lectures • 1hr 22min.

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From this course you will explore more hidden things which is available in Power BI. Also attaching one nice dashboard

Which will help you to explore more properties and will do next level of reporting.



How to add Custom Tooltip, How to use Drill Down functionality, How to use Bookmark, How to use Drill Through, How to use Smart Narrative, Sorting, Q&A Feature, Decomposition Tree,

How to use Hide and View property, How to use Percentage property, How to use Dollar sign, How to use Expand and collapse options , How to use Stepped layout property, How to use Sequence Changes, How to use Gradient Colour on Visual,

How to use Page Navigation property, Easy Page Movement, How to Move to next visual by TAB, How to Move Objects, How to Lock Objects.


Real Time Scenario:

How to Convert Blank values to Zero, How to use Conditional Formatting with Images,

How to use  Default State -Drill Through, How to use  Dynamic Column Selection, How to achieve Dynamic Text Changes,

How to achieve  Dynamic Title Changes, How to calculate Month Sequence, How to add Dynamic RLS – Userprincipalname,

How to calculate CY Vs PY, How to calculate Running Total.


Keep Learning & Exploring New Things !!!


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