PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification Videos and Sample Papers

Pass with Confidence, videos and sample papers to helps you get certified in your first attempt.

PRINCE2® Project Management – Practitioner Level – 6th Edition – Exam Preparation

What you’ll learn

  • This course will help you to clear your PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam on your first attempt with ease..
  • This course is carefully crafted as per the PRINCE2 manual. Lots of questions for you to practice along with the rationales are provided here..
  • Increase your ability to execute projects in a business environment, validating your skills as a senior project manager..
  • This course is the complete package that most of you are looking for in the PRINCE2 bundle. This PRINCE2 course contains training videos and sample mock tests.
  • This course is based on the latest edition of PRINCE2. This course has the most comprehensive list of questions that you can get..
  • Compare and contrast processes, knowledge areas, theories, and project management best practices.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 8 lectures • 2hr 21min.
  • Practitioner Practice Papers –> 1 lecture • 1min.

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PRINCE2® Project Management – Practitioner Level – 6th Edition – Exam Preparation

Pass with Confidence, videos and sample papers to helps you get certified in your first attempt.


This exam preparation course prepares you for an internationally recognized qualification in PRINCE2® Project Management, a best practice for Project Management. PRINCE2 is the world’s most widely-adopted project management method, used by people and organizations from wide-ranging industries and sectors.

It is a flexible method that guides you through the essentials for managing successful projects, regardless of type or scale. Built upon seven principles, themes and processes, PRINCE2 can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

This package is designed to help you to get your Practitioner level study and qualification.

What is PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 is a process-based method for effective project management, and will give you the fundamental skills you need to become a successful project manager. It stands for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, and is used and recognized all over the world.

PRINCE2 is completely scalable, and the most recent update to the framework means it can be more easily tailored to each project you undertake.


How does Prince2 benefits you?

There are over 1 million certified PRINCE2 professionals around the world, and it is firmly established as the world’s most practiced method for project management.

The skills you learn through PRINCE2 will help you to manage a project more successfully and more effectively. It will also help with your career progression – for many organizations, having PRINCE2 is necessary to get a job as a project manager. In fact, 88% of project professionals said that PRINCE2 helped them in their career.

How does Prince2 benefits your organization?

As an organization that follows the PRINCE2 methodology, your projects will benefit from:

• A common and consistent approach

• A controlled and organized start, middle and end

• Regular reviews of progress against plan

• Assurance that the project continues to have a business justification

Who this course is for:

· This course is aimed at project managers, aspiring project managers, anyone who manages projects and is looking to sit the Practitioner level Exam with confidence to achieve a PRINCE2 Practitioner Qualification.

· It is also relevant to other key staff involved in the design, development and delivery of projects, including: Project Board members (e.g. Senior Responsible Owners), Team Managers (e.g. Product Delivery Managers), Project Assurance (e.g. Business Change Analysts), Project Support (e.g. Project and Programme Office personnel) and operational line managers/staff.

· This is an extract from an accredited course eligible for CPDs/PDUs and prepares you for a qualification in PRINCE2® Project Management

PRINCE2 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How big does a project have to be before PRINCE2 can be used?

PRINCE2 can be applied to all sorts of projects, from the very small to the very large. Even projects lasting only a few days will benefit from selective application of PRINCE2 guidelines. The key to success with PRINCE2 is to remember it is highly configurable, and so can be adapted for all project types regardless of industry and marketplace.

2. Is PRINCE2 aimed at any particular type of project?

PRINCE2 is designed to be applied generally to all types of project, be they construction, engineering, IT, business, financial or whatever. In the past, it has been aimed at IT projects, and so it is still well used in this area however there has been significant growth recently in other industries.

3. Is PRINCE2 suitable for non-IT projects?

Yes! Unlike the first version of PRINCE, PRINCE2 is designed to be generic and can be used for projects of any nature.

4. Does PRINCE2 guarantee a successful outcome to projects?

No! But applied sensibly it will increase the chances of your projects being successful.

5. Who owns PRINCE2?

PRINCE2 belongs to AXELOS Ltd. The marketing of the manuals is carried out by The Stationery Office (formerly known as HMSO).

6. Which countries recognize PRINCE2?

With over a million exams already taken globally PRINCE2 is already recognized as the world’s most popular project management methodology.

7. What will a PRINCE2 qualification do for me?

The PRINCE2 project management methodology is the de-facto standard for project management in the UK and is practiced worldwide. It covers the management, control and organization of a project.

A qualification in PRINCE2 will not only boost your skills and confidence when managing projects but will greatly improve your employment prospects. Many organizations, both private and public, mandate the use of PRINCE2 and therefore require their staff to be competent and qualified to practice the method.

8. What is included with the training?

2.5 hours on-demand video, 1 article, 4 downloadable resources, Full lifetime access, Access on mobile and TV, Certificate of completion.

9. I want to go straight to Practitioner training!

In order to be eligible for the Practitioner exam you must have successfully completed the PRINCE2 Foundation exam or one of the other PRINCE2 Practitioner pre-requisite courses.

10. Are there any prerequisites before taking a PRINCE2 examination?

PRINCE2 Foundation: Delegates should have some understanding of Project Management but there is no formal prerequisite for the Foundation qualification. If you need to study a generic project management course then our APM Introductory Certificate course may be of interest.

PRINCE2 Practitioner: Yes, in order to sit the PRINCE2 Practitioner examination you must provide proof of having passed one of the following:

  • PRINCE2 Foundation (5th Edition or 6th Edition version)
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)®
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)®
  • IPMA Level A (Certified Projects Director)
  • IPMA Level B® (Certified Senior Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level C® (Certified Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level D® (Certified Project Management Associate)
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