Protractor Angular framework from scratch using java &nodeJS

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Protractor Content/Protractor on a real project/

What you’ll learn

  • You can work on any project on Protractor using Java and Node JS.

Course Content

  • Protractor Using NodeJS & JAVA Programming Language –> 18 lectures • 3hr 6min.

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Protractor Content/Protractor on a real project/

  1. Protractor Overview: Protractor Tutorials on End-to-End testing on AngularJS websites. A wrapper over Selenium WebDriverJS library
  2. Prerequisites to install Protractor
  3. Protractor Installation
  4. Architecture and Process communication of Protractor
  5. Overview on Jasmine: Covering Jasmine Framework that needed for Angular JS automtion using Protractor
  6. various editors and folder structure
  7. overview on spec.js
    1. introduction to global variables:
      1. browser.get
      2. element
      3. by
    2. created a simple example
    3. execute the script
  8. overview on conf.js
  9. locators with examples
  10. Overview on ng-repeat with examples
  11. Introduction to Multiple It and Before Each in Jasmine
  12. Basic script in handling calculator
  13. verifiaction points in jasmine using expect
  14. How to work on non angular JS applications
  15. Sample script to login to SF application
  16. Introduction to Page Object Modle  framework
  17. converting spec file to a page object mondel
  18. creating and executing scripts in Paga Object Model
  19. How to handle Protractor using JAVA programming language
  20. Creating JProtractor jar file and adding to JAVA Project in eclipse editor
  21. Creating basic scripts for Protractor using JAVA programming language
    1. Handling text fields
    2. Handling dropdown
    3. various identification mechanism for NgBy. with examples
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