Tableau Desktop Specialist + Data Analyst Certification

All-in-One Guide to Pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist & Certified Data Analyst exams | 2 Full Practice Exams

Do you want to enhance your skills and learn everything required to pass both the Desktop Specialist and Data Analyst exam?

What you’ll learn

  • Master everything you need to Ace both the Desktop Specialist & Data Analyst Exams.
  • Master all skills needed to become a Skilled Tableau Developer.
  • Learn from an experienced and Certified Tableau Developer.
  • Test your knowledge in quizzes and hands-on lectures.
  • Build skills in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep and Tableau Cloud.
  • 2 Full Practice Tests to test your readiness for the exam.

Course Content

  • Welcome –> 4 lectures • 7min.
  • Part 1 Module 1: Connecting To and Preparing Data –> 12 lectures • 56min.
  • Part 1 Module 2: Exploring and Analysing Data –> 20 lectures • 2hr 6min.
  • Part 1 Module 3: Sharing Insights –> 14 lectures • 1hr 2min.
  • Part 1 Module 4: Understanding Tableau Concepts –> 4 lectures • 14min.
  • Part 2 Module 1: Connect To and Transform Data –> 24 lectures • 1hr 26min.
  • Part 2 Module 2: Exploring and Analysing Data –> 29 lectures • 1hr 53min.
  • Part 2 Module 3: Create Content –> 16 lectures • 1hr 6min.
  • Part 2 Module 4: Publish and Manage Content On Tableau Cloud –> 7 lectures • 25min.
  • Congratulations –> 1 lecture • 1min.

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Do you want to enhance your skills and learn everything required to pass both the Desktop Specialist and Data Analyst exam?

In this course you will be guided through all subjects required to become a successful Tableau developer.


Become a highly skilled Tableau developer capable of tackling any challenge!


Why you should take this course:

✓ Understand everything from scratch – step by step hands on lectures

✓ Learn all fundamental and advanced features – understand best practices

✓ Theory provided – clear explanations of all subjects

✓ Practice everything hands on – quizzes and practice tests to solidify your knowledge


What is in this course?

This course provides everything you need to become a Tableau professional!

Master all the fundamentals

Master also all the advanced topics

Learn the best practices hands-on

Apply what you’ve learned in a lot of & quizzes and practice tests

Personal support whenever you have questions


This course is right for you if…

… you have never worked with Tableau and want to learn how to master everything hands-on in just one course.

… OR you already have some basic knowledge and want to dive deeper and become more advanced.


This is the one course that covers everything you need to master Tableau.

Enrol now to get lifelong access and become a professional Tableau developer!

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