Talend Data Integration Practical Assignments with Solutions

Gain Practical Experience by Working on Talend Assignments (Solutions Provided)

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What you’ll learn

  • Work on Practical Assignments and Industry Use-Cases.
  • Step by Step Explanation of Assignments with all Resources Provided.
  • Step by Step Solution of Assignments with all Resources Provided.
  • Receive Talend Exported Integration Jobs as Solution Files for every Assignment.
  • Building Talend ETL Jobs Step by step.
  • ETL AND ELT using Talend.
  • Developing Complex ETL Pipelines.
  • Ways to develop Highly Optimized Talend ETL Jobs.
  • Best Practices of Talend ETL development.
  • Writing Custom Code in Talend.
  • Files Parsing, Handling, Transforming & Filtering.
  • Databases Operations Basic and Advanced.
  • Talend Exceptions & Error Handling.

Course Content

  • All Assignments –> 13 lectures • 1hr 37min.

Talend Data Integration Practical Assignments with Solutions


  • Basic Knowledge of Databases, SQL and Java Language is Required.

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If you are new to Talend, take my Talend data integration Udemy course first since that course focuses on building necessary concepts and foundations. Click on my Profile Picture and you can find the course titled as:

“Talend Data Integration using Talend Open Studio”


Talend is an open source data integration desktop application.

This course is designed to help you build your Talend theoretical as well as practical concepts in a very efficient way. This Course helps you in strengthening your Talend concepts by providing a variety of different Practical Assignments which focus on all major areas of Talend data integration development. For Every Assignment you will receive the following resources:

1. Instruction document explaining the Assignment Task

2. Instructions Video explaining the Task and Providing Tips

3. All Input & Output Files – All necessary Database Scripts

4. Solution Video walking through the Developed Solution in Talend (Explaining Tiny Details)

5. Exported Talend Integration Job which can be imported by Students in their machines


Enjoy the Course & Happy Learning!

Muhammad Azam