XCTest basics

Learn the basics of XCTest framework to develop UI Test cases and Unit Test cases for iOS Apps

Hello Everyone!!

What you’ll learn

  • Mobile Automation testers interested to work in XCTest for iOS.
  • Create basic test cases using XCUITest cases and Unit Test cases for iOS.
  • Basic Swift knowledge, simple iOS app creation, tracking test coverage.
  • Implement NSPredicate and XCTContent for enhanced validation and better reporting.

Course Content

  • Introduction to XCTest framework –> 1 lecture • 9min.
  • Create iOS App and record XCUITest –> 1 lecture • 26min.
  • XCT Classes for UI Automation –> 1 lecture • 35min.
  • Unit Test Cases, Reports and Test Coverage –> 1 lecture • 36min.
  • Additional Concepts –> 1 lecture • 42min.

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Hello Everyone!!


This course is to help you start working on XCTest framework for creating automation test cases for Native iOS apps. Having worked in mobile automation using Appium, I decided to up-skill myself to XCTest. While searching for material I found it to be vast and the information scattered across. So I wanted to try and put together as much as information as possible in a single place so that it will easier for anyone who ventures into iOS Automation. Current lecture covers the basics needed for implementing scenarios for a simple UI. It will be updated as and when the app that we build along the course grows with additional features. This lecture will be updated regularly with new topics from Swift language and iOS UI design as well and implementations that will help you build a robust automation suite for the app that you are designing. We will also be covering a bit of UI implementation along the way to enable you build your own apps and implementing the test cases.

You are most welcome to add your implementations in the Git code.

This is my first lecture and any feedback is welcome and will help me in improving.


Let’s learn together.

Thank you.

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