Facebook Ads For Online Entrepreneurs (Hands On Bootcamp)

How to use Facebook ads to general more leads and sales for online coaches and consultants

Do you want more email leads for your business?

What you’ll learn

  • How to generate email leads using Facebook Ads.
  • How to sell with Facebook Ads (courses, webinars and events).
  • How to use retargeting Facebook Ads to maximize your profits.

Course Content

  • 1 lecture • 2min –> Welcome to the class (Introduction).
  • 5 lectures • 48min –> Facebook Ads Basics and Setup.
  • 6 lectures • 1hr 25min –> Let’s Create Some Facebook Ads (Hands On).
  • 6 lectures • 56min –> Facebook Ads Retargeting.

Facebook Ads For Online Entrepreneurs (Hands On Bootcamp)


  • Have a Facebook business page.
  • Familiar with Facebook Ads manager.

Do you want more email leads for your business?

Do you want to sell your courses, webinars or in person events?

Then WELCOME and this course is the right fit for you.

This course is not just “theory” it’s a hands on bootcamp. We will see how to

create effective Facebook ad campaigns for online business owners (coaches and consultants).

Here are the topics covered inside:

  1. Big mistake people make with Facebook Ads and why they fail
  2. My Facebook Ads strategy template for success (Free download)
  3. Facebook Ad proper setup to build solid foundation
  4. Facebook Ad campaigns for leads and sales (step by step process)
  5. Facebook ads to build your BRAND and promote your videos
  6. Facebook Ads to create retargeting campaigns

Inside this course, I will share case studies and actual Facebook Ad campaigns.

You will see and learn from actual live Ad accounts and campaigns.

This class does come with a 30 day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

ENROLL right now and let’s dominate Facebook ads together.

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