Learn DAX in POWERBI Desktop Part 2/2

Complete tutorial on DAX in Power BI

How to use RANKX – its fundamentals with challenges

What you’ll learn

  • In this Part2 , We are learning more Dax functions and more fundamentals..
  • Where and when we use MEASURES and CALCULATED COLUMNS – Detailed discussion.
  • Time Intelligence DAX Functions and practical use with exercises..
  • How to get cumulative totals.
  • how to do month on month comparisons.
  • how to do year on year or quarter to quarter Comparisons using Time Intelligence functions..
  • How to find Top performances or bottom performances..
  • How to use other table fields in main table using DAX Measure or Calculated Columns – Quiz for you.

Course Content

  • Introduction –> 16 lectures • 4hr 20min.

Learn DAX in POWERBI Desktop Part 2/2


  • if you have seen Part1 , this is right course for you because this is a part2 in continuation to Part1.
  • How to use RANKX – its fundamentals with challenges
  • Which one better – Calculated column DAX or Measure DAX – with scenarios
  • Learn about HASONEVALUE – From functioning to practical use
  • Get ready for Surprise Tests also – See how well you are doing.
  • Related DAX – Vlookup way
  • All great Time Intelligence DAX functions
  • Comparison of performance over the years, months,quarters
  • Cumulative SUMs – yearly, monthy , daily
  • Why we should know SUMMARIZE Dax
  • CALCULATETABLE Dax and its use with Summarize dax
  • Powerful Dax – Selected Value