Learn Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel at Once from Basic

Master Google Sheet and Excel from the ground up with this comprehensive beginner’s course

Master Two Spreadsheet Giants: Learn Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel Simultaneously from the Ground Up

What you’ll learn

  • Foundations of Spreadsheets.
  • Data Entry and Formatting.
  • Formulas and Functions.
  • Data Analysis and Visualization.
  • Collaboration and Sharing.
  • Advanced Features.
  • Tips and Tricks for Efficiency.

Course Content

  • Google Sheet –> 15 lectures • 2hr 10min.
  • Excel –> 14 lectures • 1hr 55min.

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Master Two Spreadsheet Giants: Learn Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel Simultaneously from the Ground Up

In today’s data-driven world, spreadsheet proficiency is an essential skill for anyone aiming to excel in their professional or personal endeavors. This comprehensive course empowers you to master both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel, two of the most widely used spreadsheet applications, equipping you with the skills to tackle data analysis, organization, and presentation with newfound confidence.


Learn the Essentials of Both Platforms:
Google Sheets: Master the user-friendly interface of Google Sheets, gaining proficiency in data entry, formula creation, and chart generation.

Microsoft Excel: Explore the advanced capabilities of Microsoft Excel, delving into data analysis, pivot tables, and macros.


What You’ll Learn:

  1. Foundations of Spreadsheets:
    • Understand the basics of spreadsheet terminology and functionality
    • Navigate the user interfaces of both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel seamlessly
  2. Data Entry and Formatting:
    • Learn efficient data entry techniques
    • Master formatting options to make your spreadsheets visually appealing and easy to understand
  3. Formulas and Functions:
    • Explore the power of formulas and functions common to both Google Sheets and Excel
    • Create complex calculations to automate and analyze your data
  4. Data Analysis and Visualization:
    • Utilize pivot tables and charts for insightful data analysis
    • Learn how to represent your findings visually for effective communication
  5. Collaboration and Sharing:
    • Understand collaborative features in Google Sheets, such as real-time editing and comments
    • Explore Excel’s sharing capabilities and version control
  6. Advanced Features:
    • Dive into advanced features like macros and scripting to automate repetitive tasks
    • Discover unique capabilities in both platforms for enhanced productivity
  7. Tips and Tricks for Efficiency:
    • Receive insider tips and shortcuts to boost your efficiency in both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel

Why Take This Course:

  • Time Efficiency: Learn both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel in one comprehensive course, saving you time and effort.
  • Versatility: Gain proficiency in the two most widely used spreadsheet platforms, making you versatile in any professional setting.
  • Hands-On Practice: Apply your knowledge through practical exercises and real-world examples.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or entrepreneur, mastering both Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel will open doors to endless possibilities.

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