basics of refrigeration


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  • refrigeration introduction.

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  • Refrigeration –> 5 lectures • 1hr 35min.

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  • basic thermodynmics.

This Course includes details of

1.Refrigerants (Types, Class, designation of refrigerants where Refrigerant is the media (fluid) used for heat transfer in a refrigerating system that absorbs heat during evaporation from the region of low temperature and pressure, and releases heat during condensation at a region of higher temperature and pressure, desirable properties of refrigerants, brief discussion about environmental impacts of refrigerants and respective control measures)

2. vapor absorption refrigeration – This is the oldest methods of producing refrigerating effect. It was discovered by Michael Faraday in 1824 while experimenting to liquifying certain gases. First vapour absorption refrigerator was made by Ferdinand Carre, a French scientist in 1860. It is used in both the domestic and large industrial refrigerating plants. Complete explanation of system with block diagrams, performance analysis with one worked out example, details of domestic vapor absorption refrigerator and its comparison with vapor compression refrigeration. Also includes desirable properties of binary mixture which is refrigerant and absorber pair in absorption refrigeration

3. multi pressure compressor refrigeration – This video includes description of simple vaopr compression system. Introduction to multi pressure compressor refrigeration systems and discusses what is need of doing multistage compression in refrigeration with corresponding pressure- enthalpy charts. Brief description of two stage vapor compression with flash chamber and liquid intercooler is also included.

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