Complete Italian course for Business (B1)

Intermediate level

Hello and welcome to this business Italian course

What you’ll learn

  • students will expand their vocabulary in the field of commercial negotiation.
  • students will learn typical commercial language structures and expressions.

Course Content

  • Business Italian, la negoziazione –> 21 lectures • 1hr 45min.
  • Business Italian, written language –> 8 lectures • 35min.

Complete Italian course for Business (B1)


  • A2 + Italian level is required, at least conversational.

Hello and welcome to this business Italian course

My name is Stefano Rastelli, I am a language teacher and language mediator

This course is structured in a very simple way


In the first part we will see everything related to the oral language in the context of commercial negotiation (dialogues relating to how to make an appointment on the phone, the first meeting, the steps of a commercial negotiation and we will see what the so-called 4As of Made in Italy are)


In the second part we will see some commercial letters in Italian (for example the order letter, the information request letter, the complaint letter etc.)


The whole course will be in Italian, but don’t worry! Each topic I explain, has the English translation, take a look at the trial lessons!

For each single text we will see the words you may not know, with an example sentence

And then we read the text, where I will explain the parts that could be unclear.

Buono studio!